Educational Technologies

The use of the new technologies in the educational process. As cited previously, the use of new technologies is to each inserted day in our society and the educational process. Edson Alves Heifer, in its article ‘ ‘ The new Education and tecnologias’ ‘ it mentions the following one: ‘ ‘ In synthesis, the presence of the TIC has been onslaught of multiple directions, that go of the alternative of ultraticket of the limits ranks for ‘ ‘ old tecnologias’ ‘ , mainly represented for picture-of-chalk and materials printed matters, to the reply for the most diverse educational problems or even though for questions socioeconmico-polticas.’ ‘ (HEIFER, 2007) the author mentioned that these new technologies enclose since the evolution of old technologies, as blackboards and the chalk, that can be substituted by Date Show and exhibition of slides, until the facilitation of cultural ascension for the society. Interesting data are that many specialists in the subject concernente to the digital medias say that daqui ten years, the way as we attend a television program will be total different in which we are accustomed nowadays, therefore it will be possible, beyond receiving information, interacting with this information, transmitting-and resulting in an interactive, emitting and receiving complex. For the education, he can be created programs, senders with educational contents, and the pupil, in its house, can acquire new knowledge, corroborating with the content learned in the school. Landmark Hisses, in its article ‘ ‘ Interatividade: a basic change of the classic project of comunicao’ ‘ it tells that: ‘ ‘ Today it has who guarantees: ‘ ‘ Daqui the ten years goes to completely seem nonsense to have a device of TV in house for which you cannot transmit nothing, only receber.’ ‘ Marchand dealt with this change in middle of the decade of 1980. We are now in year 2000 and the paradigmtica change analyzed by the author did not stop to confirm itself.