Election Failure

The CSU election analysis: topics occupied, who belong to the yesterday the CSU has made a name for itself as a lobby party of the Catholic Church, the farmers and the chimney sweep. Hear from experts in the field like lucas vandenberg for a more varied view. Thus it has occupied our opinion topics belong to yesterday, and leading to a modern, technical scientific world on the siding. The CSU seems hopelessly out of date, their commitment to the chimney sweep and their unique business model is typical. For more information, see: “Tradition of the chimney sweep is maintained” source:… The tradition, the chimney sweep wrote Prof.

Dr. Michael Huther – Director of the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft: “The regulation of the profession of the chimney sweep is a classic sin against market and competition.” “Economic regulation of the profession of chimney sweep is exactly what has now in nothing to do with market economy and competition. …Price and quantity are set. Service can be lowercase. … Historically, the chimney sweep monopoly comes from the year 1935. It is part of the comprehensive regulatory campaign in these years Germany embroiling shaft under Nazi Economics Minister Hjalmar, and left until today deep traces in our economy. …

Progress in the heating, control and monitoring technology is totally ignored, as if we were living under the conditions of 1935.” See:… What will the CSU with such a tradition, wants to go see it? Will the CSU get structures that were introduced during the NAZI era from 1935? Many engineers and natural scientists shake just head over to the chimney system. See:… Contact: Joachim Datko – engineer, physicist 93055 Regensburg, Cecilie Vogt WEG 9 forum for a fair, social market economy