Election Failure

The CSU election analysis: topics occupied, who belong to the yesterday the CSU has made a name for itself as a lobby party of the Catholic Church, the farmers and the chimney sweep. Hear from experts in the field like lucas vandenberg for a more varied view. Thus it has occupied our opinion topics belong to yesterday, and leading to a modern, technical scientific world on the siding. The CSU seems hopelessly out of date, their commitment to the chimney sweep and their unique business model is typical. For more information, see: “Tradition of the chimney sweep is maintained” source:… The tradition, the chimney sweep wrote Prof.

Dr. Michael Huther – Director of the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft: “The regulation of the profession of the chimney sweep is a classic sin against market and competition.” “Economic regulation of the profession of chimney sweep is exactly what has now in nothing to do with market economy and competition. …Price and quantity are set. Service can be lowercase. … Historically, the chimney sweep monopoly comes from the year 1935. It is part of the comprehensive regulatory campaign in these years Germany embroiling shaft under Nazi Economics Minister Hjalmar, and left until today deep traces in our economy. …

Progress in the heating, control and monitoring technology is totally ignored, as if we were living under the conditions of 1935.” See:… What will the CSU with such a tradition, wants to go see it? Will the CSU get structures that were introduced during the NAZI era from 1935? Many engineers and natural scientists shake just head over to the chimney system. See:… Contact: Joachim Datko – engineer, physicist 93055 Regensburg, Cecilie Vogt WEG 9 forum for a fair, social market economy

Astrid Suess

The TDOR alerts the public to hate crimes against trans people and creates a public space for the mourning and honoring those TRANS individuals, who would otherwise forget. Originally from the United States, the TDOR takes place now in many parts of the world. This year, events to the TDOR in more than 120 cities in 17 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania held on 20 November. Sadly, have to be this year, more than 160 people to the list of those who remembered, mourned and will be honored, added, as an update preliminary results of the transgender Europe’s new research project, the trans murder monitoring “-project, revealed.” The research team of the trans murder monitoring project compiled data arise from a systematic gathering, compilation, and analysis of deaths from trans people worldwide. You reveal a total of 162 reported cases of murdered TRANS persons between November 20 and November 12, 2009. The first 10 half 150 murders of trans persons were reported in months of 2009.

It should be noted that only a fraction of the actual numbers are even this extremely high figures. The reality is much worse. These are only the reported cases, which can be found through an Internet search. Official data do not exist and neither estimates of underreporting, that are not possible. The cases have been reported from all six regions of the world: from North and Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Most of the cases have been reported for North and Latin America, with the vast majority of cases in the United States (13), Brazil (41), Venezuela (22) and Honduras (16). In total, 124 murders of trans people in 15 Latin American countries were reported last year.

The killings reported from Latin America make up 75% of the total number of reported murders in the last year. The most recent update of the preliminary results also reveal that 16 murders of trans people in six European countries (Italy, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom) have been reported in the last year. In Asia, murders of trans people in India and Malaysia, in Africa in Algeria and in Oceania were in reported in New Zealand. Overall, the preliminary results show reports on murdered TRANS persons in 26 countries last year. Updating the provisional results of the transgender Europes TRANS murder monitoring is in the form of lists, statistics and maps in German, English and Spanish language presented at the Web page of transgender Europe project. The German presentation of results can be found at tdor2009deutsch. At this point further to the international Transgender Day information of remembrance as well as a list of all locations where events to the Transgender Day of remembrance will take place. Transgender Europe contact Dr. Carsten Balzer and Astrid Suess, MA research at tgeu.org

3D Digital Character

They have made EP pass by one of the singers of the Japanese group AKB48. Eguchi Aimi is the fruit of the union of the features of 6 Asian youth. The complete design of Eguchi Aimi holds a total of 150 GB. The design of 3D digital character continues to improve its quality and is becoming more difficult, not to say impossible, distinguish whether a character is real or not. Hear from experts in the field like Max Schireson for a more varied view. The latter case is Eguchi Aimi, a Japanese design that has been passing by one of the singers of the Japanese group AKB48.

Eguchi Aimi has managed to fool the thousands of fans of the group thanks to a quality never before sight. The creators have revealed that the young man is actually a digital recreation 3D fruit of the union of the features of 6 Japanese girls. In the movie Simone, directed by the writer of the show of Truman, Andrew Niccol, and starring by Al Pacino, are already exploiting the idea of a designer creates an actress so realistic that he managed to pass as a real person among the spectators. Technology continues to evolve and it seems that this idea is already a reality. Eguchi Aimi has passed as a real member of a successful Japanese band thanks to the graphic quality achieved in its design. Those responsible for the project have submitted a video that was unveiled that the young woman was not real and they showed the process of its creation. Eguchi Aimi is the fruit of the union of the features of 6 Asian youth.

Programmers have used different features of real people to create Eguchi Aimi, a girl who apparently has perfect features. In the video you can see how developers have chosen the hair of one of the models, the eyebrows of another, the nose of another, and thus give up with their own design which makes Eguchi Aimi is not playing an actress but an actress with its own identity. The quality of the design is simply spectacular and shows levels of detail and unprecedented realism. According to the news blog, the complete design of Eguchi Aimi holds a total of 150 GB, which gives an idea of the complexity of its programming and the level of detail. The design, made entirely in 3D, allows their creators play three-dimensional movements with Eguchi Aimi, which has allowed that the digital actress moves and acts like a real girl. Designs like these are a test of technological developments and the potential of the digital age. It seems that it is a reality that Simone is possible and increasingly closer. Source of the news: the story more realistic digital actress deceives the Japanese

French Revolution

Critics of private security companies would probably answer this question for Bill is out of the question. I haven’t killed anyone, and work for my country. Is it bad that I deserve this good?” Exactly the Lousier modern Soldnertums is evident here: it has changed its face. Fight against wage people who put life and health on the line for money, there has always been. The ancient Greek hoplites in the armies of Persia, Egypt and Carthage fought. In the middle ages, often young noblewoman settled pay to find fulfilling their ideals in the fight. In the foothills of the middle ages, standing armies were often complemented by specialists, such as archers that not vassal duty answered the call to arms, but were working on their own account. And the relationship between them was always ambiguous.

Soldiers of Fortune versus dogs of was – Fortune or dogs of war? Mercenary himself glorified frequently as the former. Ultimately it was paired with a but but usually greed for money, something generous sized moral understanding that drove them to the weapons. And therein lies the reason for the social ostracism of this profession. Payment as the main motive for the use of armed force was and is frowned upon. This became clear with the French Revolution, conscript armies emerged from their values. But even if the Soldnertum hereby suffered a burglary, completely disappeared there never was.

However, mercenary in the great wars of the 19th and 20th century played hardly any role. However, an extraordinary chaos, was created after the second world war in the former colonies of Africa that the industry again gave a small boost. So changed thousands of former Wehrmacht soldiers in the French Foreign Legion and fought under the French flag in the colonies of the crumbling great power or on their own account. Siegfried Muller, a former officer of the Wehrmacht awarded mercenaries a face.

Who Pays All Renewables?

Who pays for it? -Renewable means of payment who pays it all – so it is unnerving in the media now, probably for weeks, and become the focus of all talks and political discussions. What is meant is the conversion of energy supply to the clean, safe, environmentally friendly energy supply. Can no longer really be a sillier question and the misleading here is that just the questioner media that transport them, politicians, their consultants, economists, economists, etc., know perfectly well and those who don’t know it yet, help fog’s political machinery, confuse this. To leave no doubt as to the correct answer – here it is: the consumer and the taxpayer. It is each proportional to scan the fog here, one and the same person – we all know. This person will pay on consumption and the overlying taxes, so exactly two times. Please no doubt to come, it is actually so.

This is not somewhere written down, it is the logical conclusion has always been applicable and only Truth and law. This is logical and real, the question must be: “that is how expensive, how much must we pay? A mathematical model calculation, can bring enlightenment here. This flimsy discussion that now heats and dumbing people down – just a few years behind more nuclear energy, which prevailed energies should be, possibly via an additional, higher electricity prices rising so constantly and dynamically, with or without renewable. It is easy to the children, and this question as they say in the vernacular: “Who pays for it,” costs how much money that, for the entire time of the discussion of “professionals, politicians and consultants” – Yes, it is to the children. Ultimately it paid all back an and the same person, the consumer who is at the same time taxpayers. Thank you very much. When these people stop with the speeches and speeches and act? How long should we us now listen to this brain-cracked nonsense and read? But there are also here, as always, what you so not going to believe- an alternative. We nationalize the bridging technology, is the only nuclear power plants, perhaps equal worldwide all – due to internal security and the threat posed by you, that on the basis of hundreds of evidence.

These now popularly, as new owners, also place bridges technology and all profits that exist here, in renewable technologies, directly and without any delay invested. After this heroic deed, all reactors by the network are taken and disposed of together with all nuclear waste on the moon. A Variant, the mysterious way, never someone seriously has taken in the eye. A perfect solution that loosely and without delay, could our politicians all together on the current green trip through a constitutional amendment with similar speed, as the bailout and nationalisation of Hypo Real Estate, here is about life and death, enforce. This is a neat solution. Frankly, a little Communist, but for very practical. A suitable system: Global primary care for people and Nations – the way to another company Seite%20Download.html Wolfgang Bergmann

5,000 For Home Children

seebWIND supports Osnabruck, Christmas action of the citizens Foundation Osnabruck 16.12.2013. The vendor-independent service provider for wind turbines of seebWIND service GmbH donates 5,000 euros for the action of wishes”of the citizens Foundation in Osnabruck. With the funds, the Foundation meets personal Christmas wishes eleven to Pomerania. The gifts go to children and adolescents who live in homes in the region of Osnabruck or are cared for by family nursing. For the Christmas campaign, the participating homes login names and wishes of children usually no more than 20 euros worth up to a date. Regardless of whether bicycle helmet, table tennis rackets, or tutoring quickly and unbureaucratically the volunteers with the earmarked funds will distribute the gifts that cannot be financed from the budget of the rule. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life of the sight of the essential is lost sometimes”, says seebWIND Managing Director Holger Hamel.

In this year would we remember the meaning of Christmas. That’s why we decided to spend our Christmas budget for gifts to business partners and customers, but for children in need.” About seebWIND service GmbH the seebWIND service GmbH with headquarters in Osnabruck and two service centers is a vendor-independent service provider for wind turbines, specializes in systems the manufacturers Nordex and REpower and fuhrlander. The range of services includes technical management with 24/7 remote monitoring and service, maintenance and repair. Participation in purchasing groups also provides the seebWIND service for spare parts. The company has currently 50 highly qualified employees and serves approximately 510 wind turbines with a capacity of 765 MW. The seebWIND service is part of the wind network, the nationwide only vendor-independent service competence network for wind Turbines from REpower, Nordex and fuhrlander. Publisher: seebWIND service GmbH Heideweg 2-4 49086 Osnabruck FON + 49 (0) 541 / 380 538-100 Fax + 49 (0) 541 / 380 538-199 E-Mail: the seebWIND service press office: Krampitz communications – PR for renewables and technologies Iris Krampitz / Lea Schmitz Dillenburg str. 85 51105 Cologne FON: + 49 (0) 221 912499 49 fax: + 49 (0) 221 912499 48 E-Mail: