Europe Socrates

Who’s asking leading, motivated and manipulated! With a flashlight, you light the way to its destination. With questions is designed to its communication goal. Instruction feels any paternalism. But everyone is proud, if he believes to have found the solution myself. According to the meaning and purpose of life, the answer is in questions sure in each and every one. On scientific issues, the target-oriented questions rather convey the knowledge and answers should be carried out after the lock-key principle. However, there is a difference whether the Knower (leads) or the not knowing (is done) asks! Leads d who asks, he quality of the answer or the triggered reflection process substantially depends on the wording of the question. A.

the historically best known questioner in Europe Socrates I was white, I know nothing.”- with its midwives-art, the Maeutik. Maeutik. There is an on the Greek philosopher Socrates held back didactic teaching method approach, the Socrates has compared according to tradition, with the activities of a midwife. Is meant, helping a person to a realization, by you makes them through appropriate questions about finding out the relevant facts of the case itself and to give birth to the insight what is knowledge”. u0085 Concept of mediation of insights. Lessons where the teacher scholastic dozierend tells the fabric the students makes the contrast. … He bear himself not wisdom, but help others to produce their findings.

He never lecture his students, but he allows those who endeavoured seriously rapid progress. Using the birth he empower you to discover a wonderful in itself and to hold. The obstetrics, which makes Socrates, is his technique of target-oriented questioning. With her he makes his conversation partner to penetrate existing mistaken notions and give up. This often causes that they are in a perplexity (aporia). In the course of the conversation but come on new ideas.