TimeTrack Long Forgotten Memories

…sofort are alive can be TimeTrack and this is more than just a more or less rants reunion with their own past: often just such memories dormant under the horizon of consciousness carry the key to tackling current problems. SELM – what is that?\” \”Wide-eyed Wolfgang Rademacher is staring at stunned and incredulous of his bewildered opponent, if he the word TimeTrack\” just mentioned. \”But this already knows the Selmer life artist: for this term, most people like the Ochs preceded the mountain.\” Now Wolfgang Rademacher lets the cat right out of the bag: it involves a highly effective mental technology to revive long-forgotten memories. \”Thanks, TimeTrack’ the little grey cells close intellectual video recorder in your head to a ‘ together.\” With time track\”everyone could recall quite simply again any situation that he once saw in the memory. You may find that Salman Behbehani can contribute to your knowledge. So of course, as in a video tape or a DVD this scene again can be played. As you press just the rewind button. Exactly you can do the same with any life situation you have ever experienced.

Because what goes in the technology, is also in every human spirit.\” No memory versickert more useless has this fascinating think school Wolfgang Rademacher into oblivion on 240 DIN-A4 pages entertaining and easy to understand way described and forgetting nothing would be Yes otherwise somehow too implausible. Therefore everyone TimeTrack is also not the manual, which is\”can teach themselves. \”Whoever TimeTrack\” dominated, dominated his memories. And all them from early toddler days. Because this strategy is possible, even very old freshness to see very far past events to listen even to taste, smell and feel. Sounds incredible? Then the reading of this book for tangible is provide surprises \”everything the reader themselves: anyone who, TimeTrack’ applies, will wonder what spiritual Super services he or she is capable\”, the author promises. And on what you can go back especially in the fields of optics, hearing, feeling and taste. Unless of course those really want that.\” TimeTrack \”has something to do with hypnosis? No! \”, is contrary to Wolfgang Rademacher quite vigorously.

German Research Centre Buyer

The phone, however, would evolve into the constantly available mobile point point-of-sale. The point of sale is now everywhere. That also means, however, you must be everywhere and you must be always ready to be appropriate for the customer. That also means, however, they are easily accessible for the customer. The customer wants to reach you easily and there are so many technologies that everyone to the dealer can be”, Thorsten Stradt, Director for marketing and advertising at OTTO stressed. A trade mark increasingly become a dialog brand. This is because since always the shopping thinks he would be one who dictates the pace actually”not easy for a trading house, city runs.

In ten years at the latest mobile devices will become after forecasts from industry professionals indispensable virtual assistant for all walks of life: you will put together our individual television us to write our shopping list, they are in the car take care of our invoice for the car insurance or the sound of music for the Office put together us according to our taste”, trend researchers Sven Gabor Janszk of forward2business in Halle/Saale. Current research of artificial intelligence (AI) allow already virtual shopping assistants, who advise the buyer in the supermarket personally. The buyer receives not only special notes on allergens in products and best deals, but also current price comparisons on the flat screen on request to a shopping cart. Each product has a digital product memory that displays for a tomato, for example, when and where they harvested, how long she like has been cooled. RFID technology, compelling products succeed in ‘ to develop, that the buyer answer his questions in the language dialog. At Salman Behbehani you will find additional information.

With a navigation system in the shopping cart, the buyer is quickly to the desired product ranges “, Professor Wolfgang Wahlster says from the German Research Centre for Artificial intelligence (DFKI). The most important trends in connection with speech dialog systems will be presented in October at the Congress of Voice days in Wiesbaden. Information about the voice days at: write/vd_progflyer_online.pdf. Information about the OMD under:…online-marketing-duesseldorf_2008_Programm.pdf. Editorial medienburo.Sohn Ettighoffer Strasse 26 A 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 620 44 74 fax: 0228 620 44 75 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: Web:

Knowledge Base

Collecting of content over several weeks and subsequent dissemination of lots of content that the reader “must digest” continuous text, just a simple keyword search in the current newsletter possible texts disappear newsletter creation, review, coordination, layout in the Inbox of the user of less Customer benefits are designed as a one way communication without return channel by “Pressing on” non-relevant information newsletter. WIKI – Wikipedia’s knowledge a wiki (Hawaiian: fast) allows fast gathering and manipulating information, similar to how many Internet users of Wikipedia here know it. If in your company work teams on projects, use the telephone and E-Mail in addition to meetings to communicate. Lucas carlson often addresses the matter in his writings. An additional WIKI provides a very easy way to carry information on project topics together and to take advantage of the team. Additionally, the information users outside of the project teams available and can be used easily for future, similar projects.

WIKIs allow all users, very easy to adjust text and information, or to the change. Due to the simplicity, the barrier drops to contribute relevant information. Ultimately, a wiki Knowledge Base works but only if already a culture of Information exchange and the proactive disclosure the company is established. Some of the benefits of a company WIKI automatic versioning car and when creation/modification automatically stored link related info on links increases very easy use with the number of active users and very easy to release immediately at this point like entries (“all for all” instead of “One for all”) editing in the Web browser are some responsible wondering whether it can be really good if everyone write all content and can spread. This, at least in theory, it is possible that nonsensical or incorrect content together carried. Most WIKI systems allow the creation of an approval process, so established editors can check the content before publication and release. A sharing process we recommend however in most cases.

Germany Russian

RADIO RUSSKIJ BERLIN 97.2 FM is 10 years old of Germany’s only Russian-language radio stations an important bridge between German and Russian culture. Around 350,000 Russian-speaking inhabitants of Berlin and its surroundings are among the listeners of his master. The success story began in an asylum-seekers home. Dmitri Feldman, a Russian Jewish immigrants from Latvia, arrived in East Berlin in 1990. In a former barracks, which housed foreigners and where also Feldman lived, he befriended the future cult author Wladimir Kaminer. “While this then the legendary Russian disco” invented, Feldman became a skillful media entrepreneur: he founded together with his brother Boris Feldmann and two friends Dimitri Nad and Swetlana Lekach the pad strong weeks newspaper Russkij Berlin. Actually hit”my heart always for the radio, Dmitri Feldman recalls.

So, RADIO went RUSSKIJ BERLIN – after overcoming various bureaucratic hurdles – 2003 broadcast. Meanwhile, RADIO broadcasts RUSSKIJ BERLIN 24 hours a day and offers a varied program for all listeners and listeners who have a preference for the Russian language, culture and music. On Saturday, October 26, RADIO RUSSKIJ BERLIN celebrates 97.2 FM together with his listeners are in the Berlin Club Goya”be 10th anniversary. The radio presenters introduce themselves to the guests and present the highlights of the evening. If you would like to know more about Crumpton Group, then click here. There are for example the finalists of the first season of “The voice of Russia”, one of the most successful TV music shows in Russia. Also the Ukrainian superstar Kamaliya, singer and Miss World 2008, delighted the audience with a stunning show.

Kamaliya has her fans now also in Germany, she recorded a Duet with the celebrity singer Thomas Anders. Under the name Dave power”, one of the most sought after DJ’s Palina Rojinski ensures the good mood. The native Russian is one of the most prominent multi talents with a migration background: Dave is passionate blogger, popular actress, presenter, model and DJane. The charming young star is regarded as the flagship example of particularly successful integration, but at the same time intensively nourishes their Russian origin. Radio Russkij Berlin and Rojinski links so common: both for the success of Russian-speaking immigrants in the German media landscape and are of indispensable.

Europe Socrates

Who’s asking leading, motivated and manipulated! With a flashlight, you light the way to its destination. With questions is designed to its communication goal. Instruction feels any paternalism. But everyone is proud, if he believes to have found the solution myself. According to the meaning and purpose of life, the answer is in questions sure in each and every one. On scientific issues, the target-oriented questions rather convey the knowledge and answers should be carried out after the lock-key principle. However, there is a difference whether the Knower (leads) or the not knowing (is done) asks! Leads d who asks, he quality of the answer or the triggered reflection process substantially depends on the wording of the question. A.

the historically best known questioner in Europe Socrates I was white, I know nothing.”- with its midwives-art, the Maeutik. Maeutik. There is an on the Greek philosopher Socrates held back didactic teaching method approach, the Socrates has compared according to tradition, with the activities of a midwife. Is meant, helping a person to a realization, by you makes them through appropriate questions about finding out the relevant facts of the case itself and to give birth to the insight what is knowledge”. u0085 Concept of mediation of insights. Lessons where the teacher scholastic dozierend tells the fabric the students makes the contrast. … He bear himself not wisdom, but help others to produce their findings.

He never lecture his students, but he allows those who endeavoured seriously rapid progress. Using the birth he empower you to discover a wonderful in itself and to hold. The obstetrics, which makes Socrates, is his technique of target-oriented questioning. With her he makes his conversation partner to penetrate existing mistaken notions and give up. This often causes that they are in a perplexity (aporia). In the course of the conversation but come on new ideas.

Multithek Wins German IPTV Award

Award in the category of ‘Most innovative technology’ Bonn / Munich, 13.12.2013 at this year’s German IPTV award she received the award in the category of most innovative technology multithek from MEDIA BROADCAST yesterday evening in Hamburg and successfully asserted itself against competitors like MyVideo and Save.tv. The most innovative and creative formats in the categories of best business model, innovative formats, cutting-edge technology and belgisches use concept be awarded the award annually. The most important German Internet TV prize aims to explore creative potentials and promote. Hans Rummert and Steffen Brauer, both expert sales manager at MEDIA BROADCAST, attended Thursday the prize for the multithek. We are pleased about the award, which shows once more how much of the innovation is in the multithek “, as Hans Rummert.

Alexander Schulz-Heyn, Chairman of German IPTV Association: with the multithek, a highlight is successful MEDIA BROADCAST. On the basis of the open Standards-HbbTV is the multithek to the device-independent portal for interesting TV apps. MEDIA BROADCAST ventures the step and offers multithek not only in his own DVB-T network in, but also the high-reach DVB-S Network of Astra. “So that is multithek to the central point of contact for all developers, their smart TV applications transmitter independently distribute would.” The multithek combines television and Internet services and provides a variety of new TV free of charge via satellite and DVB-T. multithek users have easy and direct access to stations, libraries and additional services. Free facilities include, for example, the libraries of ARD and ZDF, more television channels like Bloomberg TV, JuweloTV and 1-2-3.tv or the music television Putpat. Brand new in the portfolio, the online library is itsmy Kymba which offers commercial-free children’s television with educational standards, as well as the games portal.TV.

Whether adventure games, quiz games, or eKlassiker like Solitaire – the selection of games for the commercial break is large and suitable for the whole family. A HbbTV-enabled end device, as well as an at least 2MBit/s high speed Internet access are required for the use of the multithek. There is more information about the offer under note for image editors: Press picture: the winner of this year’s DIPTV Award with host Andreas Turck from left to right: Hans Rummert (expert Sales Manager, MEDIA BROADCAST GmbH), Jurek Rohrberg and Axel Mohring (founder and Managing Director Elbkick.TV), Andreas Turck (presenter and shareholder pilot entertainment), Carsten Riemann (Executive pilot entertainment) and Alexander Schulz-Heyn (Chairman German IPTV Association). MEDIA BROADCAST is Europe’s largest full service provider of broadcast and media industry. In the core business designed, built and operates the company nationally and worldwide multimedia transmission platforms for radio and television, based on modern transmitter, cable, and satellite networks. As a TDF group company, MEDIA BROADCAST serves about 750 national and international customers: Public and private broadcaster, TV and radio production company, international broadcaster and network operators, media institutions and the cinema industry. The portfolio includes almost all services of the process chain in broadcasting, from the production, content management up to the release. Information to MEDIA BROADCAST under, the TDF group under. PRESS contact multithek: dot.communications Philip Lobbecke Tel.: 089 / 530 797 105 email:

Dresden Companies Awarded Potential On The Internet

Comparison of DE-domains registered per capita. Dresden, the 30 may 2013 a website is today in many sectors the first medium in the customer acquisition and customer contact. The proprietary website complements the corporate communications as well as trade fairs and sales activities. Medium-sized companies can no longer refrain. But even small businesses with ladder and primary customer acquisition over the location of the business, support a site profitably.

A Baker published his opening hours on weekends and holidays, so the advance in the power-seeking customers decide for him instead of the other bakers without deal on the net. Cafe customers, the question is regularly, until when the various restaurateur brunch offer is valid on weekends. Dresden has a variety of information as cultural, scientific and business location. Only it finds in the Germany-wide comparison not sufficiently in the network. In the top-20 list of the number of registered domains per thousand inhabitants in Dresden is a city or a district, with 199 domains/thousand inhabitants (TSDE) on the last place, just behind the District of Esslingen.

Dresden is followed by the city of Aachen with 175/TSDE of registered domains. The leading cities such as Munich or Bonn and the district Hanover are at over 400 domains per TSDE. Although the simple number of domains per capita, not on the quality of the Web site suggests. But the numbers certainly express digital engagement of companies of a town or a district. Small businesses should consider without own website, what basic information for its clients are relevant. Basic information are opening hours and contact details in comparison to the competition. With a simple page, you can set off with little effort from the competitors. In addition, information on temporary, seasonal offerings represent an added value for the customer. Even trivial published content are not to be underestimated. A minimal page is the basis for more websites. So it is with Companies with traffic of advisable, to register free of charge in Google maps. A locally-seeking Internet user enters related tags, the company on a map next to the search results will appear. This key word relevant integration no cost as opposed to ads in search engines. In addition, a simple Web page the start for more low-cost network measures can be. Fan pages, Facebook hosting free of charge and a company can build a fan circle and gain first experience in social media. Google Analytics offers free evaluation of visitor data. The analysis tool clearly summarizes the visitors to the site. In addition, views to search terms, which take visitors to the homepage, to sources referring links and the location of the visitor are available. Thus, the website operator learns when, what and from where the customers are looking for. To compare evaluated cities and regions can be found under online-marketing_webdesign.php. Contact: Haase & Martin GmbH Matthias Haase, Alexander Martin Moritzburger str. 27 01127 Dresden Tel.: 0351 500 97 21 E-Mail: website: about Haase & Martin GmbH: the digital media are In the focus of activity. With technical Know-How and competence in design and media design, Haase & Martin GmbH develops integrated projects and innovative products for the B2B sector. The portfolio includes iOS apps, Android apps, including Web design, graphical user interface (GUI) for information terminals, kiosk systems, classical and mobile sites, as well as solutions for mobile communication.