And yet, to the notebook as precisely as possible consistent with a "family" demands of the consumers, it multimedia potential was slightly enlarged, and the configuration, despite the rational price, not at all embarrassed by the buyer, since it was assembled on a qualitatively appropriate level. Complete with little scope. So can be characterized by a set that is available to the buyer, other than the computer itself. It includes documentation and power supply. Input devices are also quite predictable.

The keyboard is no different from their relatives on the model range. However, it is not surprising. The practical part of the computer must meet, perhaps the single most important criterion in this case – practicality. It is worth noting the size of sensory panels. For user convenience, they made a few more in size. In appendage laptop is equipped with six buttons, each of which performs its function, whether the call previously defined commands (programs), postal services, etc. Most "working" at the Acer 5520G can be considered the left side. Most of the communication terminal is located here.

Among them, in particular: the volume control, card reader, S-Video, FireWire, usb (2 pcs.) Slot, ExpressCard/54, RJ-45, DVI-D and D-SUB. On the right side laptop are present two usb, RJ-11, and an optical drive. On the back of the laptop vmescheny only power connectors. On the front lines in addition to clips are audio jacks. At the height of sound supply laptop. In complete computer equipped with a standard mobile speakers.