AnVir Task Manager

Since the formation of the concept of development was conceived as a direct competitor to ms Office, and now nothing he does not agree. OpenOffice has in its composition and a text editor, and tools for working with tables and tools for creating and presentations. Having defined the basic learning tool, it will be easy to find and other free options for needed programs. Obviously, the need arises in the reproduction of educational materials, and especially remember one more no less a cult thing – the notorious Ahead nero, designed to recording discs. It also is not cheap, distributions latest "weigh" more than a half gigabyte, and the Internet joke that Nero will soon build their own OSes. It is understandable why the program is so increased in size: because of the competition had to build into it a lot of additional modules and blocks, not necessarily in school.

The solution is simple – Download cd Burner xp 1.5 megabytes in size and easily record and the set wheels with educational materials. To expand and create multiple archives does not need megapopular WinRAR, it is quite suitable free 7-Zip, and enjoy well-deserved recognition of users and works seamlessly with file format *. rar. For control of the user machines can use the free version of AnVir Task Manager – a great substitute for the regular task manager, issuing an incomparably more data on OSes. For learning students working with images install gimp – for a number of functions does not yield the famous Photoshop'u, and because the Windows platform, he came from the world of Linux, you can talk to students about porting applications, creating preconditions for comparison in future operating systems.


In the heat of the console war, Sony PR-people are hung up on her ears potential consumers simply did tons of noodles. Microsoft pr people also sometimes say very funny things – for example, that the level of warranty returns in the Xbox 360 is not higher than the industry – but representatives of sce in this matter outperform impossible. All their statements are often broadcast live through the bad phone "forums and blogs, led to what many gamers have formed completely distorted picture of how to relate to current and future possible next-generation consoles. For example, quite often hear that the Xbox 360 – it's a one-in-one analog pc (only, perhaps, without Windows), or that the PS3 a more modern and powerful graphics than the console, Microsoft. None, no another statement has nothing to do with reality. We would like to mention the question of "potential" consoles – at the Playstation 3, it is really great, though more relevant to distributed supercomputing and Folding @ Home, than the games. At the same time, especially not discussed the potential audience Xbox 360 is still very far on in order to be fully settled. Nintendo Wii, we shall not touch – this particular product with its own ideology and an audience that is too unlike the "muscular" competitors, so they can be properly compared.

Did not want to see our review of the technologies considered as "a game with only one goal – for the Xbox 360 and against the PS3 – but because historically, that the vast majority "of console myths centered around the technical superiority of the new PlayStation. And debunking them, we are willy-nilly will have to strike it Fold "supertehnologichnomu" image. None Still, try to be as impartial – and not to be unfounded, we turn finally to the facts and details. Since the volume of these facts, even in a very concise and popular statement is large enough, we have learned in beginning of the article a brief digest. Those who wish to get acquainted with the facts and comments closely, can pass on the links for specific pieces of text. Inquiring readers can simply go to the next page and read the text entirely.

Device Manager

Problems with devices so far we have considered the cause of most problems have been a variety of software. Unfortunately, the devices often do not lag behind the program, and usually the problem with them is much more complicated solve. In most cases it is the faulty parts requiring replacement, so that Windows setup then you will not manage. However, sometimes the problem can be resolved and easy setup. Device Manager.

Windows xp keeps all knowledge about the devices vaschego computer file called the Registry. The bad news is that the registry confused and incomprehensible. The good news is that Windows xp allows you to inspect the device with the help of friendly program – Manager devices, which can reach as follows: 1. Click Start, Control Panel, System. Properties dialog box appears the system.

2. Scroll to the Hardware tab. 3. Click Device Manager. Device Manager displays all of the hardware category in a tree structure. Opening a branch, you'll see a list of installed devices in this category. Device Manager not only gives you information about the devices, but also allows you to update device drivers, change settings, enable and disable the device, and more. In addition, Device Manager is useful for troubleshooting. Opposite the name Each driver is an icon: – The yellow icon with a black exclamation point indicates a problem with the device. – The white icon with a blue "i" means that the device settings have been manually selected. – The red X means that the device is missing or disabled. Double-clicking on the problematic device, you will come face to face with the Properties dialog box. Under Device status on the General tab will be a description of the problem. In each dialog Properties window, the device has multiple tabs, with which you can adjust your settings. exactly which tab it will depend on the particular device, but here are some the most common: – Obschie.Zdes contains basic information about the device, such as device name and the name of the manufacturer. Earlier I mentioned that in the group Device Status displays information about the device, if it does not operate normally, or description of the problem. In addition, through the list of application of the device it can be included (this device is used) or off (This device is not used). If the devices are having difficulty and impossible to configure, try disabling it. -Properties. In this tab, there are usually some controls to configure the device. – Driver. In this tab, you can upgrade or restore the device driver. – Resources. A list of resources used by the device.


And yet, to the notebook as precisely as possible consistent with a "family" demands of the consumers, it multimedia potential was slightly enlarged, and the configuration, despite the rational price, not at all embarrassed by the buyer, since it was assembled on a qualitatively appropriate level. Complete with little scope. So can be characterized by a set that is available to the buyer, other than the computer itself. It includes documentation and power supply. Input devices are also quite predictable.

The keyboard is no different from their relatives on the model range. However, it is not surprising. The practical part of the computer must meet, perhaps the single most important criterion in this case – practicality. It is worth noting the size of sensory panels. For user convenience, they made a few more in size. In appendage laptop is equipped with six buttons, each of which performs its function, whether the call previously defined commands (programs), postal services, etc. Most "working" at the Acer 5520G can be considered the left side. Most of the communication terminal is located here.

Among them, in particular: the volume control, card reader, S-Video, FireWire, usb (2 pcs.) Slot, ExpressCard/54, RJ-45, DVI-D and D-SUB. On the right side laptop are present two usb, RJ-11, and an optical drive. On the back of the laptop vmescheny only power connectors. On the front lines in addition to clips are audio jacks. At the height of sound supply laptop. In complete computer equipped with a standard mobile speakers.