AnVir Task Manager

Since the formation of the concept of development was conceived as a direct competitor to ms Office, and now nothing he does not agree. OpenOffice has in its composition and a text editor, and tools for working with tables and tools for creating and presentations. Having defined the basic learning tool, it will be easy […]

Visual Basic

Modern, specialized version of basic (such as Visual Basic) despite acquired 'structural' have all the same drawbacks, first of all – the negligence in relation to the types and descriptions. Suitable for use in the initial stage of training as a means of automation (in cases where it is incorporated into the relevant system) or […]


In the heat of the console war, Sony PR-people are hung up on her ears potential consumers simply did tons of noodles. Microsoft pr people also sometimes say very funny things – for example, that the level of warranty returns in the Xbox 360 is not higher than the industry – but representatives of sce […]

Device Manager

Problems with devices so far we have considered the cause of most problems have been a variety of software. Unfortunately, the devices often do not lag behind the program, and usually the problem with them is much more complicated solve. In most cases it is the faulty parts requiring replacement, so that Windows setup then […]


And yet, to the notebook as precisely as possible consistent with a "family" demands of the consumers, it multimedia potential was slightly enlarged, and the configuration, despite the rational price, not at all embarrassed by the buyer, since it was assembled on a qualitatively appropriate level. Complete with little scope. So can be characterized by […]