Fallout Online

What is the most dangerous – you can not leave the location until the timeout. On the other timeouts you can meet directly already in the game. Also worth noting is that you – not the only intelligent person on location. The way you will encounter are the same as you people (what we lacked in the universe of Fallout). Well, different "animals", which is filled with all the wasteland: Hostile evil gang, gangs, patrol and just lonely wanderers, searching for a way to profit at the expense of others; Various aggressive mutants; ghouls roam the expanses of wasteland; AI-dealers with whom you can exchange things, and buy something useful; Just a friendly NPC, hiding in the ruins of the cities or in the wasteland of the above figures (well, except for merchants); our character are inherent characteristics that we have seen in previous installments (Fallout 1 and Fallout 2), as well as possibility of a temporary increase. For example, a drug that temporarily increase our strength and other parameters, which often comes from the dependence of (a detrimental effect on you.) In addition, there will be other opportunity to raise the skills of your character. These skills need to improve every time after you've raised your character to a level of development. After raising you will be given a certain number of points which, in fact, need to spend on improving skills. It is important to consider one feature, which also took place in the Fallout 3 while improving your character often increases the amount you have encountered creatures in the vast Fallout Online.