Finished Technician

With this one collects many armadillos, deer, hares and others. In the top of a tree they had found a jibia enormous. It was rolled in the twigs and it was not easy to remove it of there. She was necessary hooks, some men and rude force it stops to pull out it of there. Finished the service, then to follow they had found another one cobrinha. One cascavelzinha of more than a meter of size.

With this the situation was a little different. It is one mortal animal. A bite of the snake and the person can go to visit They are Peter more early. As it had person specialized in the group, the capture seemed to be more easy. In boat it had 7 soldiers of the body of firemen and a responsible zootecnista for capture of animals. A fireman came to help the technician and the others had been there for the deep one of boat for for precaution. They had obtained to lasso the snake and to hold it with the hook.

Thus canine tooth technician caught it with the hand and he unfastened it of the tree. After that two they had been remanejando it with the pole until the mouth of the bag where it would be imprisoned. As it was much great weighed, the task was extremely difficult. It was thus until they had obtained to play it together of mouth of the bag. Finding the technician who it it would go to fall inside of the bag, it opened the ring of hook and it fell exempt inside of the boat and not in the bag. It was the question of it charges to fall in the boat the 7 soldiers to fall in the water. The technician only was in the boat, thus exactly in one tip of the boat the snake in the other tip. What to make now? That soldier would come back to the boat? For the time being none, at least while whose he was there waiting he stops to give one picadinha. Not having another exit, the technician, with a special pole, another side finished playing the snake in the water it boat. The welded braves had returned its ranks from defenders, while cobrinha left swimming route to any dry part. If the soldiers had been behind the peonhenta, nobody were knowing.