To discover what is exactly what we want is a difficult task although of first moment it seemed that the majority of the people knows exactly which are their desires, but the truth that is not thus, when you ask to him a person who describes with details her goals generally cannot detail with clarity her desires. If nowadays you are without then course more surely she is than she arrives at a place that does not wish, in the book the Secret of the Power of Metas de Andrew teaches us to Corentt how to define our mission of life, when reading this book you will learn all the necessary steps so that all desires can be translated in concrete actions, you you will be able to manage a great state of motivation product of to have managed to balance his goal between his conscious mind and its subconscious mind. At the moment that you discover his then mission the happiness state that invades all their being is incredible, is able to deliver attacks incredible and all this because the power is to its favor, its desire of takes it to success to realise fabulous conquests. A person without a clear mission it is in great difficulties because it is working in disorderly form, its internal energy is dispersed and therefore the honeys of the triumphs are not invading their life. In the Secret of the Power of Metas de Andrew Corentt it will learn to handle and to direct its life to be a person of true success, will manage to understand that you have been born it greatness and to make of its life a full experience of great satisfactions. It is the moment of not following the current than others it thinks or to please desires of other people, you must be satisfied with same you so that soon she can offer satisfactions to the others, remembers that in the book the Secret of the Power of the Goals will learn to harmonize its own life and when obtaining it you will be a clear reflection that you are a person who has found her mission. He does not matter that so great or small you consider that you are its mission, which really interests is his happiness, although you can obtain everything what she sets out, anmese to the true challenges, his life are pure to be able, are only enough to wake up it.