Social Sciences

It is necessary at the time of fusing itself in its reach which represents for different social actors and from the different scopes, coming as much of social sciences, the natural disciplines, the socioambiental movement or the governmental or deprived area, elements that facilitate an understanding and resolution of the distributive conflicts ecological that nowadays face our societies, in the scales local, regional, national and global. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Petra Diamonds. It is excellent to analyze, to discuss and to review the different models from economic development and the impacts that the intensification of the economic processes and production (Ayres, 1969) they generate in the environment and means constructed (societies), especially considering the importance of the biogeochemical cycles, the productive processes, the impacts, fortifying the concepts of intergenerational fairness intra and the plinth in the limitations contained in the productive ecology. In conclusion one is due to consider, that from the ecological economy is argued that the human capital and the manufactured capital are complementary to the natural capital, and noninterchangeable, since the human capital and the made capital derive inevitably from the natural capital of one or the other form. The ecological economy studies how the economic growth this related to the increase in the operation of material and power consumptions. Another point of confrontation between economic economy and conventional economy is the question of the commerce and the environment, because first it considers that an increase in the commerce can increase the damage environmental.

Economic Crisis

These last years, the entire world had the bad fortune to cross an economic crisis, one of the worse ones for all time, bringing with himself consequences that many never had imagined. It is certain that still we are some that we have not recovered to the one hundred percent of this horrible economic crisis. But, of equal way, all we have something common; we do not want to return to be in a situation or economic crisis like world-wide like which we experimented hardly ago in these last ones anywhere in the world. In order to avoid that the problems of the crisis drag to you so low, it is necessary to try to plan our future and to take care of of our patrimony, so that thus we are a step forward and the crisis does not beat to us so hard. The best way to be cautious is through saving, but the best option, the one than more security is going to guarantee to you to save, to take care of your plans a future and to take care of and to let grow your patrimony, is the investment funds. In addition, the investment funds are the best option, since you save and desire more money simultaneously. The investment funds are the best alternative by the advantages and benefits that it gives you although you are not an expert of the subject. And to top it all, he is others to say that it always brings good results. The unique thing that you must do is asegurarte to be informed well so that the investment funds give the results you that delays.


To discover what is exactly what we want is a difficult task although of first moment it seemed that the majority of the people knows exactly which are their desires, but the truth that is not thus, when you ask to him a person who describes with details her goals generally cannot detail with clarity her desires. If nowadays you are without then course more surely she is than she arrives at a place that does not wish, in the book the Secret of the Power of Metas de Andrew teaches us to Corentt how to define our mission of life, when reading this book you will learn all the necessary steps so that all desires can be translated in concrete actions, you you will be able to manage a great state of motivation product of to have managed to balance his goal between his conscious mind and its subconscious mind. At the moment that you discover his then mission the happiness state that invades all their being is incredible, is able to deliver attacks incredible and all this because the power is to its favor, its desire of takes it to success to realise fabulous conquests. A person without a clear mission it is in great difficulties because it is working in disorderly form, its internal energy is dispersed and therefore the honeys of the triumphs are not invading their life. In the Secret of the Power of Metas de Andrew Corentt it will learn to handle and to direct its life to be a person of true success, will manage to understand that you have been born it greatness and to make of its life a full experience of great satisfactions. It is the moment of not following the current than others it thinks or to please desires of other people, you must be satisfied with same you so that soon she can offer satisfactions to the others, remembers that in the book the Secret of the Power of the Goals will learn to harmonize its own life and when obtaining it you will be a clear reflection that you are a person who has found her mission. He does not matter that so great or small you consider that you are its mission, which really interests is his happiness, although you can obtain everything what she sets out, anmese to the true challenges, his life are pure to be able, are only enough to wake up it.

Mortal Self-esteem

The small room of the house is invaded by the toys: small cars, I spin a top, resortera, marbles, ball. The father has arrived today more than ever with very badly humor. He encounters one of the toys that he knocks down nearly it. It is the drop that spills the glass: – Chamaco of the demon! how many times I have said to you that you gather the blessed toys, but apparently by an ear it enters to you and on the other it leaves to you! but the fault I by estarte have procuring you do not hide damn escuincle! sight that where it takes hold to you you will decide my all the life! In addition, you do not have contentment to me diantre I come from the school to speak with your teacher and it already said to me that if you do not hurry you are going to reprobate the year for that I divide the mother to me? , all the damned little day working, so that the baby goes it huevoneando and playing with its friendly. but already you are going to see slimy! if salts of where you are do not go to you to go worseyou are a punishment of God! Salt of where you are! they see here for cone! If you do not have known the Devil now you will know that is! Just where she finds not you you will finish you after all at this moment not this your mother for defenderte. rale cabrn! This son of tiznada already is going to see, canijo The air of the house becomes tense, heavy, would seem that until the walls they shake before the wrath of the father. Truly one is opposed, without being able to be contained, it impels it to something to continue vomiting what brings, lowering slightly the voice, enters soliloquio: – From the beginning everything has been leaving badly for seven years everything was different the unique thing that it looked for was to continue studying and in my free times to rolar with the friendly, to enjoy cheves, to be in wave, to bind chamaconas but, I had the damn luck to find me with this old kitchen boy! the very stupid one I let myself embarrass! .