Foundries Gather

Knowledge Forum at Kramer + Grebe for and with experts from VW, Daimler and BMW Biedenkopf. Lightweight and downsizing: car makers such as Daimler Benz, VW and BMW working feverishly to minimize engine volumes and reduce car weight. At Kramer + Grebe in Wallau top development experts to a symposium met on Thursday, November 15, to replace current specialized knowledge with experts in the area of the foundry. There has never been a similar Symposium. I am pleased about your interest”welcomed Executive Director Katrin Grebe well 60 participants. The model and tool maker celebrates a birthday this year. 90 Years ago, the hut man Fritz Kramer founded his first company.

70 Years ago Kramer + Grebe was then”, Katrin Grebe reported. To her great-grandfather Fritz Kramer and her grandfather Ludwig Grebe had teamed up. Already at that time was a lively exchange with foundries and carmakers. Of course today there. With our Symposium, we wanted a forum for “ones that have never existed in this form and concentration”, Garcia said. Worked together on TDI development 20 years ago I sat cast together with the team of K + G, Halberg.

Together we have worked on the development of the engine for the TDI”, Dr. Jens Hilbig recalled a particularly important and successful joint project. Now, the engine is been installed millions of times. Hilbigs current lecture dealt with diesel engines and gave an overview of the status and future of electric cars. A relatively new offering aroused great interest by Kramer + Grebe. “Designer Thomas Achenbach hired explained how static calculations and complex two phase flows and thermal simulations are performed: we gain many additional details of the behaviour of materials and realize important savings”, he said. Over 95 percent of all calculation results are predictable through experience and knowledge. In the remaining period, we see but great potential for our customers.