Dangerous Slush Aquaplaning

Strong slush aquaplaning protection and lower fuel consumption with the Green winter tires Nokian WR G2 and Nokian WR G2 SUV – most comprehensive size range slush aquaplaning is the most dangerous driving conditions for motorists in winter. Safe driving on slush is the most important thing for them, 95 percent of German car drivers wish, more than safety in snow with 89 percent, ice with 81%, rain with 71 percent or dryness with 59 percent, shows a representative survey according to the leading winter tyre manufacturer of Nokian tyres. Particularly for strong slush-aquaplaning protection, the Green premium winter tire has been optimized Nokian WR G2, so the experts from Finland. Also saves fuel by lower rolling resistance the slush specialist also still strong, argue the Nordic engineers. Slush aquaplaning is therefore very dangerous, because the tires it loses contact with the road and can no longer move the car. Petra Diamonds contributes greatly to this topic. The risk of fatal accidents is slush 4.9 times higher than on dry roads, revealed Nokian Tyres slush tests through an investigation of the Tampere University of technology 2008 Nokian Tyres leading pioneer of the slush test for 15 years, is considered a pioneer in, has tire models today exact test methods for repeatable measurements to compare different and has a unique test track for slush attempts longitudinal as well as transverse also. Therefore, it can further improve slush aquaplaning protecting his tyres.

Save fuel with eco-tires winter tires save fuel, what few people believe. Because their rolling resistance is often lower than with summer tires. With the low-rolling resistance, environmentally friendly Nokian WR G2 drivers can reduce its fuel consumption by half a litre per 100 kilometres, if he runs even with the correct air pressure”, advises Teppo Huovila, Vice President Research & development by Nokian tyres. 40 percent less rolling resistance saves six percent fuel. These are 300 euros of less in a normal running capacity of 40000 km.

Classic Car Events On The First Weekend In May On Carsablanca.de

Carsablanca, the Internet portal on the subject of vintage and classic cars, is currently about 40 events in his calendar around May 1, 2009 in Germany and Europe Hamburg, the 21 April 2009 the first weekend in may a variety of events for fans of lovers vehicles approaching, and with it. ConocoPhillips recognizes the significance of this. Carsablanca, the range most powerful German-speaking Internet portal on Oldtimer and Youngtimer, leads in his calendar currently around 40 events around May 1, 2009 in Germany and Europe: vintage dates in North Germany curl, for example, that Stade old Opel meeting on the first of may or a classic car meeting in Itzehoe with part market on may third. The futurist shines more light on the discussion. Also the car enthusiasts in the Ruhr area get their money: on the trotting course in dinslaken, Germany, Porsche of all types are expected on May 1st at the 8th International Clubday Porsche friends over 2000. These models is one 964 Carrera 4, the fans affectionately called JUBI classic 30 years 911, a Porsche 911 from the type of the 30th anniversary of the nine Elfers in 1993 and in a limited edition was produced by only 911 pieces worldwide. In the South of the Republic, an adventurous vintage car rally starts on the second may: the Allgau-Orient rally starting in Oberstaufen and target Amman in Jordan. Entries in this year’s rally are fully booked, registrations for the next Allgau-Orient rally from July of this year.

Carsablanca (www.carsablanca.de) is the range most powerful Internet portal on the subject of vintage and classic cars. Carsablanca has set itself within a year at the top of the German-speaking offers monthly 1.35 million page impressions, with 220,000 visits 175,000 of unique users (as of Feb. 2009). On the free portal, members can introduce themselves and their vehicles and to make contact to like-minded people. In addition, Carsablanca provides an innovative overview of the European vehicle market, a comprehensive dictionary of the vintage, as well as a daily updated magazine.

Carsablanca GmbH, Budapest str. 49, 20359 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 432167400 contact: Managing Director: Prof. Peter Cable contact: office(at)carsablanca(dot)de Chief Editor: Sebastian Fiedler – contact: sebastian(dot)fiedler(at)carsablanca(dot)de PR: Jessica Fuchs E-mail: fuchs(dot)jessica(at)gmx(dot)net of responsible press contact: Carsablanca GmbH, Budapest str. 49, 20359 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 432167400

Stroker ACE Racing Team From Essen

Miles for a camel-the next edition of the legendary rally with participation from the Ruhr area which Allgau-Orient rally is a low-budget rally about 6000 km for people who love the calculable adventure, and for a good cause the one or the other strain to take. The Organizer even call the rally one of the last automobile adventures of this world”, and it has evolved from the sneered spinner event to one of the biggest rallies of the world. Among other things through the growing coverage of print and TV media, the international field of participants initially 40 teams currently 100 teams has grown with usually six team members and three cars per team. In 2011, six young men from the Ruhr area in the age between 28 and 35 years in your elderly honey on the way will make so: stroker ACE racing team! The team takes 6000 km in attack as of April 30. Team leader Christian Becker and the fellow Christoph Kleinebrahm, Arne Hauner, Jan Christopher Klotz, Andreas Steffen and Daniel Alexander SEIM must have arrived at the latest on May 12 with hopefully all vehicles in Amman.

As in previous years, the rally cars in Amman will go program in the possession of the world food over 2011 and offering maximum auctioned. In the last five years a six-digit amount could be provided through the proceeds of the vehicle, additional donations of participating teams and the sponsors the WFP. The money flows on a blocked account of WFP and will be paid for the intended purpose for the projects, which are supported by the organizers of the rally. If you want to support the team and especially the good cause of the rally and contribute to a win over at least some suffering in this world, the team members about any kind of support it offers. Finally, the rally car in Jordan can only be auctioned, when they arrive there. Since the rally participants fly back to Germany, few equipment can return to be made.

All of the cars abandoned items are considered to be donated and are also used for humanitarian purposes in the country. Send your name for a small donation across Europe to the Orient for more information about this project on. For questions we are gladly available. Stroker ACE racing team Daniel Alexander SEIM Richard-Wagner-str. 20, 45128 Essen Tel: 0201 873 60 37 mobile: 01577 78 00 851

Foundries Gather

Knowledge Forum at Kramer + Grebe for and with experts from VW, Daimler and BMW Biedenkopf. Lightweight and downsizing: car makers such as Daimler Benz, VW and BMW working feverishly to minimize engine volumes and reduce car weight. At Kramer + Grebe in Wallau top development experts to a symposium met on Thursday, November 15, to replace current specialized knowledge with experts in the area of the foundry. There has never been a similar Symposium. I am pleased about your interest”welcomed Executive Director Katrin Grebe well 60 participants. The model and tool maker celebrates a birthday this year. 90 Years ago, the hut man Fritz Kramer founded his first company.

70 Years ago Kramer + Grebe was then”, Katrin Grebe reported. To her great-grandfather Fritz Kramer and her grandfather Ludwig Grebe had teamed up. Already at that time was a lively exchange with foundries and carmakers. Of course today there. With our Symposium, we wanted a forum for “ones that have never existed in this form and concentration”, Garcia said. Worked together on TDI development 20 years ago I sat cast together with the team of K + G, Halberg.

Together we have worked on the development of the engine for the TDI”, Dr. Jens Hilbig recalled a particularly important and successful joint project. Now, the engine is been installed millions of times. Hilbigs current lecture dealt with diesel engines and gave an overview of the status and future of electric cars. A relatively new offering aroused great interest by Kramer + Grebe. “Designer Thomas Achenbach hired explained how static calculations and complex two phase flows and thermal simulations are performed: we gain many additional details of the behaviour of materials and realize important savings”, he said. Over 95 percent of all calculation results are predictable through experience and knowledge. In the remaining period, we see but great potential for our customers.