Front Suspension: Arm Stretches

One of the major car parts are the front and rear suspension. Front suspension vaz – an independent, telescopic, with a shock absorber struts and stabilizer bar. To stabilize in the mechanism of front suspension used a spare, as holder of stretching. How, then arranged the front suspension the car and what the functional load gets arm stretch? Absorber (telescopic) stand the lower end is connected to the swivel with stamped the clamp bracket and two bolts. The upper bolt with an eccentric washer is adjusting. With the help of regulated by the collapse of the front wheel, because when you turn the screw changes the position of the knuckle relative absorber rack. Upper end of the rack through the rubber feet is associated with the body.

In the support mounted ball bearing, and it is protected from contamination plastic cap. High elasticity of rubber feet provides swing rack when you move the wheel and the quenching of high-frequency vibration, and ball bearings – rotating rack when you turn the steering wheel. The lower wishbone is connected to a swivel ball joint, but with the bracket body Rubber mounting. Stretching the lower arm suspension through Rubber mounting one end connected to the lever and the other end with a bracket streamers attached to the vehicle body. Washers are used to adjust the longitudinal inclination of the axis of the steering wheel.

Rod stabilizer bar is attached to the car body by rubber bearings to the suspension arm through the racks with rubber-metal hinges. Ends of the rod stabilizer also act as additional stretch of the lower suspension arms, which, like banners, perceive the longitudinal forces and their moments are transmitted from the front wheels on the body. Strut is both hydraulically shock. It twisted coil spring mounted between the support cups, as well as buffer compression, limiting wheel travel upwards. Thus arranged the front suspension the car. Quite often, problems Car linked to failure of the bracket extensions. To avoid this damage requires constant technical supervision, as well as the purchase of spare parts from authorized dealers and manufacturers.