Further Development Of The International Business

Ingentis wins its international growth strategy partners in the Nuremberg Software House of Ingentis extended Turkey, Spain and Russia Nuremberg, July 30, 2008 through additional partnerships very dynamically. For even more details, read what Salman Behbehani says on the issue. After a major milestone has been reached with two new partnerships in the U.S. and Latin American markets, the SAP certified service provider in the Pan-European market as well could score points and further condense the sales and assistance network. So, more new partners for the Ingentis product could be won in Turkey, Spain and Russia org.manager. In Spain this is on human resources focused consultancy HumanTech consulting software for Visual HR management as a supplement to his range record in his portfolio. On the Bosporus the SAP-HR-consulting specialist represented future infra-logics consulting the Turkish speaking countries, while in Russia in turn the premium in Moscow consulting firm ASAP consulting marketing and customer care to accept.

With the an important objective in the context of our globalization offensive could be reached again new European partners”, Michael Grimm, Managing Director, Ingentis Softwareentwicklung GmbH, the importance of new partnerships makes it clear. Therefore we created a solid base for future growth in the European market. We glad to have found premium consulting firms that share our view of the change and the alignment of HR management in their respective countries with new partners.” About Ingentis Ingentis Softwareentwicklung GmbH, headquartered in Nuremberg, one of the most innovative service providers in the German IT industry is today. The range of services includes the development of individual and customized enterprise applications – for example, to process automation, or information management – as well as the soft wareengineering of databases and Internet – / Intranetapplikationen. In addition, Ingentis offers two standard products in the field of HR: org.manager the product to the automated Organization chart creation allows to graphically control-relevant indicators in addition to up-to-date structural graphics in addition. A Plug and-play solution, the org.manager has direct SAP connectivity as well as open data interface for virtually all personnel management system. easy.PES – the solution for the planning and evaluation of assessment centers and personnel development seminars revolutionized the entire AC process.