Hetel Semer

The Helpdesk, as well as the too much areas of Itautec, has its operational processes auditados by the ISO 9001:2000. This certificate, amongst other characteristics, assures that they are defined indicating to mediate the quality of the services given for each area and that the same ones are measured constantly, from the perception of its customers. Whenever these pointers point with respect to some shunting line in relation to the goals proposals for the high direction of the Itautec, respective corrective actions and its responsible ones are defined with the objective to return such pointers to the acceptable levels. Moreover, norm ISO 9001:2000 recommends that the service levels pass for process of continuous improvement, constantly raising the degree of maturity of the processes of attendance to the customers. All this structure will be mounted in the Itautec or the dependences of the customer, in this finishes in case that it is enough only that the customer supplies the basic infrastructure the installations of the Helpdesk. What it is ITIL? For Hetel Semer ITIL it is the abbreviation for IT Infrastructure Library, a methodology of management of YOU that it appeared in the end of years 80 of the necessity of if having organized and clear processes. One perceived that the companies are each time more dependents of the area of YOU and that it was necessary to organize the flows of processes in this department. The methodology was formulated by the secretariat of commerce of the English government, from research carried through with specialists in management of YOU. Although already it exists has one decade the ITIL more than more widely passed to be divulged only recently due to necessity of the companies of reduction of costs, to guarantee of productivity continues and to make with that the Technology of the Information adds value to the business and for in such a way becomes necessary to the application of best the practical ones.