Microsoft Abilities

With it is possible to create and to use tools that they allow to give form around to the environment, becoming the work most easy and the life most pleasant. The global vision of Microsoft for the education understands that governments, institutions and the company can be joined to develop the potential of educators and educandos and to transform the learning by means of the use of the technology. It increases that the quarrel has IDO since the position of that the focus must continue in the transmission of knowledge by means of disciplines, with the introduction ' ' transversal' ' of abilities and abilities, values and attitudes, until the position of that the focus must radically change for the construction of abilities and abilities, with ' ' transversalizao' ' of the knowledge to discipline, of the values and the attitudes. The common citizen hardly obtains to deal with the avalanche of new information flood that it and that new ideas and problems, new chances are intercrossed with, challenges and threats. They had called it to it was of the information and the communication.

According to PCN? S (1999), the news technologies of the communication and the information permeiam daily, the independent one of the physical space, and create necessities of life and convivncia that they need to be analyzed in the pertaining to school space. The television, the radio, computer science, among others, had made with that the men if approached for images and sounds of before unimaginable worlds. Pretto (1997) places that to understand the new processes of acquisition and construction of the knowledge he is basic to try to surpass this impasse. This understanding, on the other hand, pushes us necessarily to consider basic the introduction of the calls technologies of the communication and information in the teach-learning processes. But Pretto (1997) affirms that the pure and simple introduction of the technologies is not transformation guarantee, therefore any technological innovation brings certain discomfort to that, although to coexist it, understand not yet it.

Orkut Action

Action integrated Beyond the work of digital communication, the action was strengthened with the promotion ' ' Tag Hits' ' , that it allowed to the exchange of rings and covers of bottle for the Tags calls, small metal plates as ornament glue of neck. Some of them gave right to one ipod. An advertising campaign in the media also divulged the action and a thematic packing was adopted in the cooling ones. ' ' It was the first time that we obtain to carry through a consistent work, not only in the integration strategy, as well as in mensurao of resultados' ' , Adriana comments. good results, by the way.

Coca-Cola registered record of access to its site. They had been almost 1,5 million of visits in the May month, month of the presentation of the Pitty pair and Negra I read, video that was lowered about 700 a thousand times. The canal in the YouTube, alone, registered 30 more than a thousand views. For the site of videos and the diverse communities of the Orkut, Coca-Cola could monitor the impressions and opinions that the public vine having of the action. According to Adriana, the campaign reached 21 million only visitors, what it corresponds to about 64% of internautas Brazilian. ' ' The people always wait something very great innovative of Coca-Cola.

We are speaking of a music program, that passed in MTV and had unfolding in the Internet. We understand that in action as these we do not compete with other marks of cooling and yes with other medias, as cellular and the proper Internet' ' , the Manager of Marketing says. The waited result was to stimulate the daily consumption of Coca-Cola enters its consumers. E, for this, the company sees the public young as ideal, since they are in formation phase, being more difficult to reach a similar success in an action for adults.

Almeida Search

According to Karsaklian (2004, P. (A valuable related resource: Xcel Energy). 264), the choice of the child for a product can be related to the souvenir of the personage. The author of the o example of the Group of the Mnica7 that loans its image for diverse products and affirms that the success of the products of this mark if must to the personality attributed to the products and represent for the child, ' ' a next contact and bigger complicity with its heroes favoritos' '. This complicity can be explained with the concept of Almeida and Shigunov (2000, p.70) that it explains that ' ' playing is an inherent characteristic to the beings humanos' '. Therefore, when the child chooses a product with proper characteristics of a toy, it can be to the diversion search. Friedmann (1996) understands that the trick can be practical the spontaneous one to play when exerting the most different activities, what it can to be related to the problem of study of this research, since the infantile sponges of bath receive design next to a toy.

The trend of brinquedorizao of the product explained for Schor (2009) accurately explores this activity spontaneous of the child. The author also affirms that the children search, for example, products that are segmented for its sort (feminine or masculine), that they provide status and that they satisfy necessities basic of the human being. The author cites despite boys if interest more for ball, stands and personages of adventures (mainly the inspired ones by violent games of video-game), while the girls search for dolls, clothes and maquiagens. 7 History in quadrinhos created by Maurcio de Souza, who has as main personages the Mnica and its friends Casco, Cebolinha and Magali. Available in: . Had access in 31 of August of 2010. The brinquedorizao of the described product for Schor is a trend that can be recognized in the infantile sponges of bath, object of study of this work.


The secondargument, an int, specifies which TCP port you uses tolisten will be incoming remote invocation requests will be the object. It iscommon you uses the value zero, which specifies the uses of an anonymousport. Current The port will then be chosen at runtime by RMI or theunderlying operating system. However, non-zero value can also be usedto specify specific uses port you will be listening. Once the exportObject invocation has returned successfully, the ComputeEngine remote object is ready you process incoming remote invocations. The exportObject method returns stub will be the exported remote object.

The notices that type of the variable stub must be Compute, not ComputeEngine, because the stub will be remote object only implements the remote interfaces that the exported remote object implements. The exportObject method you declare that it can throw RemoteException, which is checked exception type. The main method handles this exception with its try/catch block. If the exception were not handled in this way, RemoteException would have you be declared in the throws clause of the main method. An attempt you export remote object can throw the RemoteException if the necessary communication resources ploughs not available, such if the requested port is bound will be adds to other purpose. Before client can invoke method on remote object, it must firstobtain reference you the remote object. Obtaining reference can bedone in the same way that any to other object reference is obtained in aprogram, such by getting the reference part of the return valueof method or part of the date structure that contains such areference.

The type system provides particular of remoteobject, the RMI registry, will be finding references you other remoteobjects. The RMI registry is simple remote object naming service thatenables clients you obtain reference you a remote object by name. Theregistry is typically only used you locate the first remote object thatan RMI client uses needs you.

Windows Server

Still, as the authors above, the protocol does not decide names of neighbors for standard, you has to qualify the discovery of net in all the computers of the sub-net. One another one and last disadvantage is that the LLMNR cannot be used to decide names of computers beyond the local sub-net. Mickin and Northrup (2009). 6.CONSIDERAES FINAL Is verified that the process of resolution of names facilitates the way of as the users have access the resources in the net. >. Instead of using numbers, you write the name of the resource and for it brings of this process exists mechanism that convert the requested name into addresses IP? s.

In corporative nets the main protocol of resolution of names is the DNS (Serving of Names of Domain), however in companies that they do not blunt of devices for the implantation and sustentation of the DNS searched for standardized solutions and of easy implementation. In the environment case of nets Microsoft ones of the main protocols of resolution of names it is the Netbios. As visa previously, the protocol makes possible the computers customers in the same net if to communicate without the necessity of complex configurations. However, the Netbios protocol is known that for using the process of resolution of names for diffusion (request is sent to all the computers in the net) cause a traffic of considerable net being able causes errors in the accesses to the resources of the net. Still, we understand not the support of the Netbios protocol the version of the IPv6 protocol. In this direction, Microsoft if pledged in to project by means of RFC 4795 a protocol of resolution of names of easy implementation, insurance and that of this support to the IPv6. The LLMNR makes possible the computers Seen Windows, Windows Server the 2008 or superior possibility to create a group of computers for communication without the necessity to exist the DNS.

Tiago Rasps

The activity has an intention clearly, normally express in terms to create or to bring up to date devices, as a model, a classroom or a plan. Device is a piece of information that is produced, modified or used for a process. The devices are the tangible products of the project, what the project produces or uses for the end item. Flows define a sequncia of activities that produce some result of observvel value. RUP possesss nine flows centered in the process, being six flows centered in engineering and three of support.

The engineering flows are: Flow of modeling of I negotiate Flow of requirements Flow of analysis and project Flow of implementation Flow of test Flow of distribution the support flows are: Flow of project management Flow of configuration and management of change environment Flow Each one of these flows has covered definitive aspect of the system. 6.2 – The architecture and its basic paper in the RUP Great part of the RUP focuses the modeling. The modeling in the aid to dominate a system great, complex and that it cannot easily be understood in its totality. We need multiple models to focus different concerns. So that the workers of the process can: To understand what the system makes To understand as the system functions To be able to work in a piece of the system To extend the system To reuse part of the system to construct another one When we make this in an limited amount of space, we finish finally making a description of the architecture it system. ‘ ‘ Architecture is what it remains when you will not be able to make more thing none and still she will be able to understand the system and to explain as funciona’ ‘.

7-Advantage Is a evolutionary method of software development. user does not wait until the conclusion of the project to have contact with the software, which had to the incremental model. After I finish it development is very difficult to find new errors. 8-Disadvantage Can occur divergences between the documentation and software. It can enter in Loop due to the iterative and incremental model, depending on the customer to arrive at the end of the project. Increase of expenses due to implantation of the version to each increment. It can generate a great change in part (s) already developed (s) to carry through some new incremental requirement. Bibliography PRESMAN, Roger S. Engineering of software. 6. ed. Rio De Janeiro: McGraw Hill, 2006. KRUCHTEN, Philippe. Introduction to the RUP? Rational Unified Process. Rio De Janeiro: Modern science, 2003. SOUZA GRANDSON, Placid Antonio of. Unified process? General vision. Available in. Access in 2011. Unified Process – encyclopedia Wikipedia, the free.

MeV Surface

In the design of any product want to make it practical, technologically advanced and durable. This is achieved by correct selection and the material, and an increase in precision manufacturing. However, loaded with details, or working in argessivnyh media exposed their work with the action of the destructive forces of friction and chemical corrosion, and therefore the question arises and surface protection products. Among all the modern methods of chemical heat processing of steel products, such as cementing, nitrocarburizing, carbonitriding and gas nitriding in ovens most efficient and technologically advanced method is the ion-plasma nitriding. The essence of this the method is controlled modification of the crystal lattice of the workpiece in the surface layer by ion implantation.

Ion implantation – is the introduction of a solid surface practically any ion, pre-overclocked to electromagnetic pole.Eti ions are introduced into the material to a depth of 0.01 to several tens of microns, creating a surface layer of a special strkuturnoe state. The thickness of modified layer depends on the ion energy, mass and mass of the target atoms. The ion energy can vary widely (depending on the material properties combined ion – target) 1 (keV) to several MeV (MeV). Besides the introduction of the ion in the target surface occurs without complying with the laws of classical thermodynamics, which determines the equilibrium processes such as diffusion. Office of the penetration depth ions in the surface layer by changing the ion beam energy and the number of ions entering the target per unit time (Fig. 1) Li-ion plasma nitriding (IPA) – a kind of physical-chemical treatment metal parts, tools and other equipment, allowing the product to saturate the surface layer of nitrogen in the nitrogen-hydrogen plasma at 500 0C.

The essence of the method of the IPA is that discharged to 200-300 Pa nitrogenous gaseous medium between the cathode, which are the workpieces, and the anode, which serves as the walls of the vacuum chamber is excited by the anomalous glow razryad.Imenno it generates reactive species ionization of molecules of the gas environment (ions and radicals). This provides a form on the surface of the workpiece of the nitrided layer consisting of a foreign – nitride zone and settling down beneath the diffusion zone. By changing the composition of the gas in the chamber, its pressure, working temperature and exposure time product in a cell, you can get layers of a given structure and phase composition, providing a strictly regulated properties of steels and alloys. Improving the properties of hardened surface provides the required combination of nitride and the diffusion layers, which seem to "grow" in the surface layer of core material. At the same characteristics and properties surface layer is completely determined by its chemical composition: the nitride layer is either the Y-phase (Fe4N), or E-phase (Fe2-3N). Layer with E-phase is a corrosion-resistant, and a layer of Y-phase of a durable and relatively malleable. In this case, depending on the purpose of processing, as a result of ion-plasma nitriding can get: a diffusion layer with a developed area of nitride, which provides protection against corrosion and friction running-in surfaces – for parts operating under friction, the diffusion layer without the nitride zone – for cutting and stamping tools and parts operating under conditions of alternating loads of wear at high pressures. Ion-nitriding improves plazmenennoe following product characteristics: wear resistance, fatigue endurance antizadirnye properties, heat resistance, corrosion resistance.

RUP Software

Unified process and Unified Process Rational (UP and RUP) Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) University Polar region of River of the Oysters (PURE) Computer science Welton Luiz of Oliveira Barbosa Carlos David Pasco Institute of Science and Technology Unified Process 1-Introduction Process: Act to proceed, to go for ahead; Succession of states or changes; Way why a thing is become fullfilled or executed; method, technique. Aurlio Dictionary For this definition, we can identify the reason of the Unified Process to be called process. The unified Process appeared as new a proposal of development, running away from the model in cascade, following basically the same generic stages of software development, however aiming at an iterative and incremental development, total different of the model in cascade. The best RUP is born of the capture of practical of software development, aiming at to give to satisfactory reply to the diverse inherent problems the activity. As Grady Booch these are some causes of problems in elapsing of a software project: Special management of requirements ambiguous and inexact Communication fragile Architectures overwhelmd Complexity Inconsistencies not detected in requirements, constructions and implementations insufficient Test subjective Evaluation of best statuses of the project the practical ones are boardings tried commercially and with proven success. Used in combination, they attack the origins of problems in the software development. They are: to 1.Desenvolver software iteratively. to 2.Gerenciar requisite.

to 3.Usar architectures based on component. to 4.Modelar software visually. to 5.Verificar the quality of software continuously. to 6.Controlar changes of software. This process, for having been ' ' criado' ' for the same names of the UML, it makes an ample use of this, during its stages of software development. It is an agile process, with this, not only aims at to the constant release of versions of software for the user, having as objective the documentation, but also construction of software devices, then after the recognition of the main requirements.

Email Access

In this process, the professor is the consultant, articulador, mediator and person who orientates of the development of the pupil. The creation of a reliable climate, respect to the differences and reciprocity encourages the pupil to recognize its conflicts to discover the potentiality to learn from the proper errors. In the same way, the professor will not have inhibitions in recognizing its limitations and searching its purification, in an attitude of partnership and humildade ahead of the knowledge that characterizes the position to interdisciplinar (Farm, 1994). Many are the possibilities of use of the TIC of innovative and creative form, as much on the part of the pupil, how much of the professor. It has a gamma of resources that can assist the process of education and learning, as for example: World Wide Web: The WWW is considered a virtual library and an excellent resource for the classroom; Wiki: it is a tool of colaborativa writing that stimulates the social interaction, allotment of information and construction and socialization of the knowledge. Lists of quarrel and fruns: they serve for debate and quarrel of subjects or common subjects, sharing the interests; Webquest: investigativa activity using the Internet that guarantees to the learning the access to the authentic and brought up to date information of form colaborativa and to the educator chance to modernize the ways to make the education; Blog: It serves for register of individual research or register of the knowledge of a group, as well as of space for quarrel and reflection of pupils assisting them in the construction of the knowledge of independent and colaborativa form; Email: used for the sending of messages, exchange of information and experiences between professors, pupils and both. Hot Potatoes: formed for five tools that make possible exercises as: to complete crossed gaps, activities for short answers, words, to command phrases, association between columns. He is gratuitous for educative ends; Videoconferncia: it allows integration of geographically distant people, through the audiovisual resource.

Very it is used in the study in the distance; Chat: it allows to the exchange of information and specific debates for the Internet, in real time through the rooms of beats papo. HQ: History in quadrinhos is plus a resource that can be constructed using the technology, serving of attractive for the development of the activities proposals. Beyond the cited resources above the educator still can consider the production of videos and periodicals, conceptual creation of educative radios, maps, use games of simulation, etc. Therefore, if the school will be able to reinventar and to become a learning environment where the task to argue, to analyze, to evaluate and to apply is not paper only of the professor, but of a group, where each one if alternating in the paper of professor and pupil, will be apt to satisfy most of the necessities of learning of the people. More than what to educate for the technology, our task today must be to educate with the technology.

Dynamic Reading

Meetings the references, argue, start to construct and to mount these elements. This idea that I you saying you of wall, I go to show a scene there to you, that she is what people you constructing now of the Sport the Notice. It started established in this, in a wall of information. There I go to show the idea to you, that people thought, animaes, and later where resulted the scene, understood? You soon there, pra to be approved in framing terms, that are one of the scenes that you passing for some processes of interference, type ' ' ah! dumb this, dumb that, I do not know what and capsizes half that a Frankstein, right? Because you have that you strap a thing daqui ' ' ah! this here atrapalha' ' I prefer to have that to mount everything of new. if the scene of the Dynamic Reading were real, would be possible? in budget terms? Possible it would be! I do not know in how much it would be the budget. He would have that to have one they totem, n? this totem would have that to have an engine pra to turn.

It would have that to have these elements as is that it would be these elements? They do not have a sustentation, them they are free and they are there turning, understood? It has that gigantic video-all, it wants to say, it is an expensive scene there! It is a very expensive scene! much glass! It is all glass, n? He is all n? Then it is thus possible to make went to be, but it went to be a well dispendioso scene. Then open record all illuminated, and such price, n? Vocs speaks! Indefinite! what he is that there? I do not know! Then! It is a very great scene. You would need much space, thing that the house does not have and that the virtual one can offer.