History Subaru

The name of the Subaru came to light thanks to the president of fhi – China Kenji (Kenji Kita). When was the vehicle of P-1, China announced a competition for the best name for him. He believed that the Japanese car must wear a Japanese name. But none of the Names have not won the competition, and China finally came up with the title itself – it was the word Subaru. In Japanese it means 'to unite, to gather together', and is also called the Pleiades constellation (part of the constellation Cells). Without a telescope in the Pleiades can consider the six-star (in fact there are more than 200), and just through the merger of six companies and was formed Concern Fuji Heavy Industries.

Subaru – a car brand of the large industrial concern Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. Cars – is not the only sphere of activity of FHI; besides them, fhi is engaged in aeronautical engineering, rail, shipbuilding, etc. History Group, through which the light appeared Brand Subaru. Started history of Subaru in 1917. The young engineer, aviation enthusiasts Chikuhi Nakajima (Chikuhei Nakajima), opened this year in the city Nakagame aviation research lab ("The Aircraft Research Laboratory"). Aircraft while in Japan was not as such, but thanks World War I, has demonstrated its capabilities, opened, in particular, the laboratory Nakajima. In 1931 the laboratory became a company called Aircraft Nakajima Aircraft Co., Ltd, and during World War ii aircraft Nakajima were very, very in demand – up to 1945.