Interview Techniques

If you are the interviewer, before initiating an interview you are indispensable to organize a script? a planning of the interview? for this you must prepare yourself. A good interviewer must possess a good general culture, a reasoning fast a perception sharpened on the human behavior. During the interview, the negative influences must be eliminated all as any types of cultural, social preconceptions, of sex, color, etc. Close the personal problems, the particular antipatias, opinions, the judgments without real recital or the fears and the pressures also must be left of are of the interview. To program an interview adequately, the interviewer must know the data on the interviewed one, to know accurately what he expects of it and what the company wants to get of the interview. Being thus, so that the interview has the waited effect, the interviewed one will need to be left to the will, therefore most of the time, it is in tension state. In an interview, the interviewer will have, first, to investigate the appearance of the candidate? to know if it is adjusted to the profile demanded for the organization? will have to also observe its corporal position, its habits, if it possesss some vice, if he uses some type of drink, he drugs or other not healthful habits. At as a moment, the interviewer must investigate as was the previous work of the candidate? in order to try to know as it will be its behavior in the organization? its degree of escolaridade? to know if it is compatible with the requirement of the position? its abilities, its familiar life, its social life? in order to perceive as if it relates in team? its current health (and previous)? in order to perceive if the candidate it can work under pressure. After this, the interviewer will have to investigate on the last life of the interviewed one? in order to trace a profile on its personality? its honesty and if it has trends to the lies.