The Necessities

Coleman (1998) affirmed that the individuals tend the effectiveness in the management of relationships when they understand and they manage its proper emotions, and still, they tend to have empatia for the other people’s feelings. One is about a constant search for new concepts, new elements, new tools controlling them to understand the interpersonal relations, […]

The Employees

On the other hand, the responsible people for the RH need to line up it organization in terms of its objectives, its mission, vision and processes, only thus, will have conditions to consider benefits and system of strategical remuneration. Already he is proven that the remuneration is the connector link between the employees and the […]

Preliminary Interview

From determined disgnostic? of that the company is needing man power? the next step is to discover sources of human resources that the qualities necessary withhold to occupy the vacant offices (or to be bred). A time analyzed the man power necessities must be left for the conscription process (internal and/or external), where the external […]

Northeast Region

In the domiciles that possess superior income the ten minimum wages, the index is of only 1.4%, while in the families that possess inferior income to a minimum wage the index reaches 29%. In the Northeast Region the contrast is still bigger. In the domiciles with income until a minimum wage the index is of […]

Interview Techniques

If you are the interviewer, before initiating an interview you are indispensable to organize a script? a planning of the interview? for this you must prepare yourself. A good interviewer must possess a good general culture, a reasoning fast a perception sharpened on the human behavior. During the interview, the negative influences must be eliminated […]