Inverter Technology BiDirex

Solar 2013 exclusively uses the highly innovative, superior inverter technology BiDirex from Intersolar, ensuring maximum customer benefits through unique advantages. Wildpoldsried/Calgary, 21.05.2013. The Canadian high tech company sustainable energy technologies Ltd. delivers its innovative inverter technology to PROSOL invest Germany GmbH in the future. An appropriate cooperation agreement was signed last week with pan-European exclusivity for the multiple patented BiDirex system. From Intersolar 2013 the BiDirex technology has been proven for more than 10 years is used as standard in a new product line of the solar battery. With BiDirex technology we can offer our clients a series of additional unique benefits.

We are therefore delighted that we were able to gain sustainable energy as a strategic partner”commented Managing Director Christoph Ostermann cooperation. Torsten Stiefenhofer, who is responsible as Managing Director for the technical department, explains: Several hundred solar systems, we have for many months in the permanent online monitoring, we know the actual requirements for an efficient inverter from the practice. This is not about the maximum efficiency that is provided by most manufacturers in the foreground. Rather, a high degree of efficiency in the lower power range is important, in which battery storage systems usually operate in practice. Just one of the strengths of the BiDirex what brings more power the end customer at the typical operation of a battery system up to 11%, he would have to write off for inverter technologies other than loss here.” The BiDirex power inverter delivers maximum efficiency even at low voltages. Its patented pulsed step technology”based on intelligent software and a simple, rugged circuit, which will ensure high-quality AC-output. In contrast to conventional battery power inverters, the multiple patented, two-way power inverters dispenses with external DC/DC Conversion or separate AC/DC charging circuits and thus enables the industry’s highest levels of efficiency. The BiDirex technology has proven more than 10 years in practice.