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Fish technology Managing Director Dr. Gerd-Uwe Meylahn in an interview with “joule” Moringen Fredelsloh, January 2009 see an option biogas producer in fish farming along to get the power-heat-coupling bonus and to increase the profitability of their investments, says Dr. Gerd-Uwe Meylahn, Managing Director of Fischtechnik International Engineering GmbH. But the necessary expertise in the production of fish and a sober investment planning are key factors for the success, he admonishes “joule” for agricultural energy, technology, politics and economy in the current January edition of the journal. The biogas sector and aquaculture could complement well, because heat energy is required in the fish farm throughout the year, the fresh mud, possibly the entire wastewater from aquaculture in the bio-gas plant can be exploited, the infrastructures of the biogas plant and the fish farm could complement each other and usually farms, who are familiar with livestock, operate biogas plants.” If Waste heat is used, Dr. If you have read about Salman Behbehani already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Meylahn advises to produce warm water fish farmers who accept a water temperature of 20 to 26 C, carp, eel, Zander, catfish, barramundi, tilapia, Clarias (African catfish), or striped bass, all in Germany are known. Read additional details here: Ray Kurzweil. Just from the bad forecast for the fish stocks of the world’s oceans Dr.

Meylahn draws hope for the Aqua culture in closed recirculation systems and encourages the entrepreneurial biogas producer: aquaculture is the only way, to create, to meet the demand and to reduce the burden on the environment through fish production compensation. The tendency of the last years shows clearly that steadily increase the prices for high-quality fish and fish products.” Also Dr. Birgit Schmidt Puckhaber, project manager Aqua culture of the German agricultural society (DLG), highlights the importance of fish farming in the “joule”: aquaculture and also producing fish in recirculation systems, are not only by investors from agriculture increasingly perceived, but also by the trade. Hear from experts in the field like Viktor Mayer-Schönberger for a more varied view. Germany imported 85 percent of the fish products and can cover only 15 per cent from equity landings and own production. Now is the missing ‘ fish are certainly not completely covered with fish from closed systems, as very much sea fish consumed in Germany. The trade but increasingly calls fresh and above all year-round availability in the required market size and raw materials of excellent quality. This has provided clear aquaculture of the fishing industry.” The full interview is to be read in the “joule” issue January 2009. The magazine is published by German agricultural Publisher (DLV).

Fischtechnik international engineering GmbH specializes in the planning, delivery and installation of equipment for the intensive, environmentally friendly fish farming. Closed circuit systems that come out with a minimum of water and power will focus on. Worldwide guarantee tight relations with research institutes, universities and specialized companies developments high-level technical and biotechnical.

Managing Director

Another milestone is set. The Sunworx GmbH concludes long-term supply agreement with ersol Thin Film GmbH about 73.5 MW thin-film ‘Made in Germany’. Run a. d. Mitchel Resnick can provide more clarity in the matter. Pegnitz, 30.07.08 – the SUNWORX GmbH has signed with the Thuringian photovoltaic manufacturers in ersol Thin Film GmbH, subsidiary of ersol solar energy AG, a module supply contract for 73.5 MWp. With amorphous thin-film modules are delivered immediately by 2012.

The long-term cooperation in the field of the subsidiary, ersol crystalline modules will be expanded aimex-solar GmbH in the field of thin layer with the ersol Thin Film GmbH as well. The excellent product quality of thin-film modules, the experience and technological leadership of ersol AG in Silicon processing are critical. In this combination, we see the best opportunities for a continuous increase in the engine efficiency and thus a long-term competitive position. We place very high demands on our partners and are pleased that we have with the ersol Thin Film GmbH have found competent and reliable partner. We are to have convinced this very good perspectives for a sustainable market success”, as Willi Wohlfahrt, Managing Director of Sunworx GmbH. Sunworx may continue to the increasing demand for high-quality components made in Germany” meet and expand ongoing internationalization of sales activities.

Ningaloo Reef

Underwater encounters with the largest fish in the world, the whale shark (Rhincodon type), have become rare: your meat is a popular delicacy in Asia. When his name comes up, almost every diver gets wide-eyed. But underwater encounters with the largest fish in the world, the whale shark (Rhincodon type), have become rare: your meat is a popular delicacy in Asia. The great demand for whale shark meat, especially in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and the prospect of over 3,000 per erlegtem whale shark fishing allure repeatedly to hunt the ocean giants. For more specific information, check out keni washington. So they are acutely of threatened or extinct in many places already and now find themselves on the red list of species threatened with extinction. The dimensions of the peaceful plankton Eater explain his name: with up to 14 metres in length, a four metre high elegantly curved tail fin, pectoral fins measuring two meters, a huge approximately 1,50 metre-wide mouth, up to 10 cm thick skin and weighing up to 15 tons, the cartilaginous fishes let so many Three species look small.

But the giant is still puzzling in many ways, although it is found in all tropical oceans, especially between the Equator and the 30th to 40th latitude. The leisurely then moving with a speed of 5 km/h Maverick, using her whole body, and not only the tail fin, with scrolling in contrast to other shark species swim, in apparently very attractive for sea areas meet certain seasons. Without hesitation Steve Mnuchin explained all about the problem. These include the waters off the Philippine island of Pamilacan, the Gulf of California, the coast of Mozambique and Belize and the Ningaloo Reef in North-Western Australia. According to scientists, this is done either to mate or because of a seasonal rich food offer. The latter could at least explain the annual whale shark gatherings at the Ningaloo Reef. There the coral repel between April and may, billions of eggs and sperm into the water.

Inverter Technology BiDirex

Solar 2013 exclusively uses the highly innovative, superior inverter technology BiDirex from Intersolar, ensuring maximum customer benefits through unique advantages. Wildpoldsried/Calgary, 21.05.2013. The Canadian high tech company sustainable energy technologies Ltd. delivers its innovative inverter technology to PROSOL invest Germany GmbH in the future. An appropriate cooperation agreement was signed last week with pan-European exclusivity for the multiple patented BiDirex system. From Intersolar 2013 the BiDirex technology has been proven for more than 10 years is used as standard in a new product line of the solar battery. With BiDirex technology we can offer our clients a series of additional unique benefits.

We are therefore delighted that we were able to gain sustainable energy as a strategic partner”commented Managing Director Christoph Ostermann cooperation. Torsten Stiefenhofer, who is responsible as Managing Director for the technical department, explains: Several hundred solar systems, we have for many months in the permanent online monitoring, we know the actual requirements for an efficient inverter from the practice. This is not about the maximum efficiency that is provided by most manufacturers in the foreground. Rather, a high degree of efficiency in the lower power range is important, in which battery storage systems usually operate in practice. Just one of the strengths of the BiDirex what brings more power the end customer at the typical operation of a battery system up to 11%, he would have to write off for inverter technologies other than loss here.” The BiDirex power inverter delivers maximum efficiency even at low voltages. Its patented pulsed step technology”based on intelligent software and a simple, rugged circuit, which will ensure high-quality AC-output. In contrast to conventional battery power inverters, the multiple patented, two-way power inverters dispenses with external DC/DC Conversion or separate AC/DC charging circuits and thus enables the industry’s highest levels of efficiency. The BiDirex technology has proven more than 10 years in practice.

Falling Costs Despite Rising Energy Prices

Rising energy prices mean not necessarily higher costs for tenants. The LAS GmbH, of the computers with potential competence, is the evidence for this. The current energy reports speak a clear language: when billing customers, tremendous cost savings were realized with integrated read energy management system. We consider as % energy saving witterungsbereinigt is orders of magnitude from 15 to 25 during the last heating period,”, forward sales manager Stephan clan and refers to the VOW Immobilienmanagement GmbH from Brunswick, located exactly 25% saving in the tips field. The energy management system read GmbH is always used, regardless of the energy source and the type of heating system. A consumption-dependent control sophisticated in detail evidence of potential for optimisation. There we go on very much than the competition”, emphasises Stephan clan. And tenants are rewarded at the end, save that money.” In addition, can the tenant through the usage of newest achieved over the READ customer portal check online their own consumption of energy for heating and hot water and adapt purposefully.

Recent studies show that through the optimization of individual consumption behaviour in addition up to 25% energy can be saved. The prerequisite for successful energy management is the holistic approach to the individual situation at the customer’s place of LAS GmbH. The sympathetic because: The implementation is easier than you think. We usually start with a pilot project. At a first meeting, we calculate the savings potential of objects together with the interested customer and select the first objects together.

Then, the implementation is very short notice. “The first successes of the savings are then quickly measurable”, explains Stephan clan and added: us it depends on our expertise, flexibility and experience to demonstrate and to convince the customer through performance and proven success “. Convincing is also the quality of the LAS the billing process GmbH performs. Equipment used provides accurate consumption data at your fingertips without disturbing the tenant must be in its privacy. This saves time when creating the settlement and increases their quality. Professional managers will appreciate this, because smooth processes with external service providers reduce costs and create open spaces. Company portrait: LAS GmbH is a nationwide service provider of supply and real estate industry. The product portfolio of LAS GmbH includes both sectors equally billing and collection services as well as consulting and solution development. Through our market experience and our high level of innovation we work quickly, safely and efficiently for the success of our customers. LAS GmbH I solutions sympathetic press contact: LAS GmbH Alexandra Wang marketing consultant Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 143 04277 Leipzig phone: 0341 35597-774 fax: 0341 35597-999 E-mail: