Knowledge Base

Collecting of content over several weeks and subsequent dissemination of lots of content that the reader “must digest” continuous text, just a simple keyword search in the current newsletter possible texts disappear newsletter creation, review, coordination, layout in the Inbox of the user of less Customer benefits are designed as a one way communication without return channel by “Pressing on” non-relevant information newsletter. WIKI – Wikipedia’s knowledge a wiki (Hawaiian: fast) allows fast gathering and manipulating information, similar to how many Internet users of Wikipedia here know it. If in your company work teams on projects, use the telephone and E-Mail in addition to meetings to communicate. Lucas carlson often addresses the matter in his writings. An additional WIKI provides a very easy way to carry information on project topics together and to take advantage of the team. Additionally, the information users outside of the project teams available and can be used easily for future, similar projects.

WIKIs allow all users, very easy to adjust text and information, or to the change. Due to the simplicity, the barrier drops to contribute relevant information. Ultimately, a wiki Knowledge Base works but only if already a culture of Information exchange and the proactive disclosure the company is established. Some of the benefits of a company WIKI automatic versioning car and when creation/modification automatically stored link related info on links increases very easy use with the number of active users and very easy to release immediately at this point like entries (“all for all” instead of “One for all”) editing in the Web browser are some responsible wondering whether it can be really good if everyone write all content and can spread. This, at least in theory, it is possible that nonsensical or incorrect content together carried. Most WIKI systems allow the creation of an approval process, so established editors can check the content before publication and release. A sharing process we recommend however in most cases.