As soon as it arrived repaired the image strange, a hand that waved to it friendly, was not the fact of the body if to find total submerged in the water of the black lagoon. The Beach of the lagoon was empty, did not have much vegetation, the wind was stopped, all calm was not that strange hand. One to be of the forest with dom to breathe in low of the water? An hallucination of the controverted mind? It would be conscientious? It did not know. Martin Lawrence describes an additional similar source. It walked until more close, tried to see if it was not been deceptive, not, that age a hand it are d? water, and more invited each time for its dangerous direction, difficult access and return, only attracts for its real meeting. Impossible not to want to discover what he was that. Which was in foot stopped in the side of the lagoon analyzing in the distance that hand balanced it.

One three hundred meters? She was horrible in the distance notion, but wise person how much she was far, the desert and stopped space around valued the meeting waves with it. She was entering in the black and transparent water of the black lagoon, one transparency that became it a little rubra. It went stepping on in deep of the water tateando with the feet deep the muddy one and repulsive, it made it to as much that it jumped of head in the frozen water, has led to swim. It knows to swim well even so swims of form missed with the head the time all it are of the water, without taking off the eyes of the hand giving tchau. It swam and it swam, in the distance was bigger of what it waited, however the will to discover what was that made it to swim each faster time.