Rauris Literature Days

The book dominated in the first few days in April each year the literature days held in Rauris. The world of the book is opened here for the people. In the village ambiance and the wonderful nature of the Salzburger Land, one can be close of literature and feel it everywhere. Literature on the land what sounds as opposed to work for over 40 years. For the 41st time, now the Rauris literature days take place this year. An international festival that was stormed by literature fans. Authors read, discuss and present your work to an enthusiastic audience. In recent years, there were a total of over 400 literati who found their way into the Salzburg village. Julie Sweet has compatible beliefs.

The silence of the impressive nature can reflect the listeners on the essential and thus you can succumb to fully and completely the written word. The village of thinkers of Rauris Rauris has become where thinkers of many writers. You can not really describe, but the effect of this village is for many writers as a muse. For 5 days can the Rauriser literature days free accessible visit. You can smell the air of German-language literature in all Rauris from 30th March to 3rd April 2011. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Abigail Black Elbaum. You will then take many books home beta then at home in the world of literature. Best looking for a hotel in Rauris as the Rauriserhof himself, to put no way back with the many books. From contemporary novels about stories up to poetry. Everything is experience and listen. Pout in the numerous books, listen to the readings and embark on a literary journey to Rauris.


As soon as it arrived repaired the image strange, a hand that waved to it friendly, was not the fact of the body if to find total submerged in the water of the black lagoon. The Beach of the lagoon was empty, did not have much vegetation, the wind was stopped, all calm was not that strange hand. One to be of the forest with dom to breathe in low of the water? An hallucination of the controverted mind? It would be conscientious? It did not know. Martin Lawrence describes an additional similar source. It walked until more close, tried to see if it was not been deceptive, not, that age a hand it are d? water, and more invited each time for its dangerous direction, difficult access and return, only attracts for its real meeting. Impossible not to want to discover what he was that. Which was in foot stopped in the side of the lagoon analyzing in the distance that hand balanced it.

One three hundred meters? She was horrible in the distance notion, but wise person how much she was far, the desert and stopped space around valued the meeting waves with it. She was entering in the black and transparent water of the black lagoon, one transparency that became it a little rubra. It went stepping on in deep of the water tateando with the feet deep the muddy one and repulsive, it made it to as much that it jumped of head in the frozen water, has led to swim. It knows to swim well even so swims of form missed with the head the time all it are of the water, without taking off the eyes of the hand giving tchau. It swam and it swam, in the distance was bigger of what it waited, however the will to discover what was that made it to swim each faster time.

ZEN Christopher Golf

In golf in the character of ZEN Christopher G. Hamilton recorded parables of ZEN modern, Western thinking translated. 50 Short stories inspired – the game of life, too. Inspirations for the game of golf and the game of life quote: Christopher G. Hamilton in: Golf in the character of ZEN “(cover) Tao as Narrator in the story”stands for the ZEN master, a golf teacher and inspiring life consultant. (Similarly see: Walter R. Mansfield).

His novices create sympathy and understanding for the reader: they are young and stormy, unconsciously and unsure, flawed and premature. The majority of the stories speaks of the golf game, from TAOs unusual teaching methods and the sometimes uncontrolled emotions of his novices. Some go further back in the ancient times, from which the traditions. Christopher G. Brady Noon will not settle for partial explanations. Hamilton creates a symbiosis that is seldom found in spiritual literature in this unit: wisdom, that smile makes. The reader learns it from the very beginning, what inspiration, teaching and semantic content of every story expected. For each title instead of a page number is called the keyword of history: setting, quality, awareness, simplicity, accept, try out, spirit, patience, thoughts, knowledge, serenity, and more.

Suggestion for developing self-dependent life – sense stories with humor golf in the character of Zen “is not a collection of old parables and Philosphien of Zen, a gauge of their masters right to claim you could they learn, only living. Because each story is a life episode, because Tao and his novices are not perfect, but development-ready, the simple linguistic style and some quote not only in the Gulf can stimulate self-life. The book is not a manual, an inspiration to be rather at the golf game and in your life. Quotation (excerpt): Christopher G. Hamilton (Preface) to grasp the meaning of every story, is easy. They are all derived from a true quote, even short and concise and of a short statement decided. Also impatient readers gain the maximum sense of this structure. In all wisdom, the stories contain tension, surprising and very often contagious humor. If a reader this draws inspiration for golf or his life, everyone from story to story can decide fifty times.

Librio Personages

The nonsense can standes out in this in case that this relation dialectic between personage and physical space, therefore the logic could define the Pombinha personage as a faithful representative of the customs of the tenement house, a time that this personage did not assimilate such customs thus creating illogical the incoherent one to the environment. The nonsense creates then in the workmanship a scienter, a significao. Another example of this is the personage Librio, an old one that it asked for almses in the tenement house and it lived in the misery, however was endowed with a richness, this situation illogical and absurd if it also defines as nonsense, the illogical one with its dynamics logical and endowed with meaning. These tipolgicas characteristics that acercam the workmanship, in also send the influences to them that Aluzio de Azevedo got of Emile Zola, that also characterized its personages with aggregate tipologias the theories the Darwins. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Salman Behbehani on most websites. Beyond these influences one observes in Aluizio de Azevedo baudelairianas influences as for the symbology of the modern bestirio to characterize its personages and the scene of ' ' The Cortio' '. One is here about alegrica representation of marcantes characteristics with significant paper in diegese of the workmanship. The relation dialectic between personage and space in ' ' The Cortio' ' of Aluzio de Azevedo – Peter of the S. Branches Grandson 7 …

later sliding stocking lgua, pulling a superior load to the forces, fell dead in the street, to the side of the wagon, estopado as a crossbow … … Leandra ' Machona' , berradora fierce Portuguese, cabeludos and thick pulses, anca of animal of the field … … Bahian Rita a dog in the rutting … (p 150) Contrarily what they affirm some critics on the personages of ' ' The Cortio' ' of Aluizio de Azevedo, characterizing them as poor and superficial personages, this zoomorfizao of the environment inside enriches the representation of these personages of the collective space of the tenement house.

Kerstin Greed

Author first answered questions from the Literatina community there were only letters about her chaotic love life, the Kerstin gier, born in 1966 to her friend Barbara wrote. Most of the time”, says if the work was nothing to do. Southwest Airlines is likely to agree. After the experience in real life have been greed simply too boring, so she invented more and wrote only lies. The futurist will undoubtedly add to your understanding. From these tall tales I worked on the novel together then more in the fun”. With not inconsiderable success. “Her first men and other disasters” (published in 1996 in the Verlagsgruppe Lubbe) was filmed in the main role, with Heike Makatsch and paved the way for more sales Renner. “The immoral promotion” with the Delia “for the best German-language romance 2005 awarded and the mothers mafia” is soon to another volume rich be. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger contains valuable tech resources.

About motivations, other pseudonyms and how a typical day by Kerstin greed looks”speaks to the author in the interactive interview in the book community Literatina.de. Here interested readers and readers as registered members themselves can address questions to the author and Kerstin greed in the direct, virtual dialogue. Direct link to the author interview with Kerstin greed at Literatina.de: thread.php? threadid = 4412 who or what is Literatina? Literatina.de (read sexy) is an extensive, free for members and guests and interactive book community and saw the light of the virtual world for the first time in August 2006. The active members of the forum discuss book tips, write their own reviews, present their monthly highlights and give assistance and recommendations around the topic of literature. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Salman Behbehani. In addition to a variety of presentations of books of various genres, prospective customers will find especially appealing discussions, current surveys, or members in your area. Interactive author interviews complete the offer of Literatina.de: the community can occur even with the authors and writers in touch, ask your own questions to them or jointly with them about her book, written in or new projects discuss.

Sebastian Wannamaker

Gaja tumbles and turns their aon-old railway. On the surface, States and cultures of natural disasters be shaken until millennia old foundations finally break down, and the world community as such no longer exists. Ten Years, until the Earth finds their inner balance. The remains of humanity. Only five civilizations exist, each dominated most of their continent, combines technology and philosophy to a new Foundation. The largely peaceful coexistence, but it will not be long until the disposition of the people drives him to new conquests and wars.

And that nature is once again subject to make. But Gaja awakens, and in her lap a toxic seed germinates, ready to scramble to the surface, to blossom, and finally to destroy the parasites on their backs. The last chance. The role-playing game tricky reflects this fictional future, whose core issue isn’t the end of an era, but the humanity’s last chance. A new age, which perhaps could be the last. The people of the 23rd century must the legacy (lat.

Tricky) their ancestors and compete against the wrath of an opponent, the earth itself is incomprehensible for the human spirit. On the Internet site more information is available. About the 13Mann Publisher the Publisher relies with the variety of its own productions of as its own game worlds, adventure and game systems in addition to the licensed products so that a clear sign for his competence in games. Further novelties presented on the game fair in Essen at the same time with the newest plant in Rolemaster. Among them is also the first novel from the Dusseldorf House. On the website of the company you can find out about the publishing house, the planned program and the corporate philosophy.

The Subject

What everything indicates all this competition forced a transformation in the literature that, not being able to concur of equal for equal with the technological advances of the communication in mass, seems to have opted to a certain distanciamento of the intention to represent the object how much its exterior form for presents it from its conceptual interior. Macunama can have been the first attempt of looking at the object from analyzes of the concept how much what the reality represents as possibility of agreement for the fact to leave of the problematizao of the regional one, desconstruindo it in the search of all, in the intention to question the identity of the Brazilian. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ray Kurzweil. In this attempt of literature in reproducing the life, the chaos of the reality if organizes in the cosmos and the anarchy in sequence volve, of this form the reality is filtered to make possible, to the reader, a vision possible of the part in relation to all. Thus, for example; when coming across itself with the text of the letter of the discovery of Brazil the reader will all see not it of the reality of the subject which the same one if relates, but what it was possible of being delineated by the look of the writer. He occurs that, understanding this look as proper to be, situated the half way between the culture and the nature, and of them participating, the man aims at, in he finishes ranch, to know itself, succeeds, however, that the knowledge of itself also cannot be ‘ ‘ puro’ ‘ therefore he participates of the natural reality for the biological dimension and of the cultural reality for value objects.


The concrete forest wakes up in each one of us nostalgia, the ancestral homesickness of the weeds. Today we are all ecologists, we want to preserve or, exactly, to reestablish what it was destroyed. We want the clean rivers, the verdejantes fields, mountains without displayed land. But, back in the hinterland which is the conscience of caipira? Of any form, it would not change to the modern life and its badulaques for the primitive and romantic existence of the age of the splintery rock. The human animal played of God and constructed another world stops in it living. we are product of this.

But he would like to fight this dichotomy, this opposition between the natural life and the life in a great metropolis. Why he would need to open one hand to hug to another one? I could go for the forest carrying a portable computer, one digital photographic machine, clothes special to face the extreme humidity, a refrigerator, an oven of microwaves and things such, of we cannot more open hand. In the past, the forest fulled in them of fear but we knew to survive in it. Today, a great chaotic city fulls in them of fear but we know to survive in it. We were threatened by animal predators and peonhentos reptiles and now we run the risk of being assaulted, of being whitened by lost bullets, being run over by one I propagate mismanaged. The important one and that ninety and nine percent of us survives. The human being changes the nature but the nature teima in continuing taking account of it. We modify the molecule combinations, the properties of the substance, the uses of the land, the functions of the nature, but we do not obtain to surpass the most elementary laws of the life.