INCREASE OF the LOGISTIC AVAILABILITY SUMMARY the increase of the processes pulled for the demand of market of the manufacture companies comes in great increasing with passing of the time, therefore the logistic one comes acting in significant way to guarantee the normal process front to the new demands, what certainly it demands a logistic one more prepared with a more efficient planning, to follow the growth of the production in such a way and giving logistic conditions in the entrance of insumos (substance cousin), disponibilizada in the certain amount in the alias process, how much in the expedition of finished products, with attendance the customers leading always in consideration aspects as stated period, cost and quality.

The application of the tools used in all the article has resulted positive in what it says analyzes it to respect of processes, notes of imperfections and application of improvement in all the process, tools these with beddings based on facts and data, carrying through in minute way all the improvement points it logistic process. The objective is to study the existing process all already of a manufacture company, where the focus is in the logistic operations, increasing the availability of the existing resources and to offer alternatives for the efficiency increase. ABSTRACT The increase in you marry pulled by the market demand of manufacturing companies has largely increased to over teams, only the logistics has been working in significant part of the process you ensure normal forward new demands, which certainly requires lives logistics prepared with effective planning you the logistical monitor the growth of production and providing conditions in inputs (raw material), available in quantity at the right teams, the dispatch of finished products, with to customer service always taking into account aspects such the teams, cost and quality. The application of the tools used throughout the work has positive results regards the analysis process point of failure and implementing improvements in the process, these tools with pleas on facts and dates, performing thorough way all points improvement of the logistics process.