Love Nets

White or Harrison White had expanded and spread out the systematic use of the analysis of social nets. In theory, in the structure of the social nets the social actors if characterize more for its relations of what for its attributes (sort, age, social classroom). These relations have a changeable density, in the distance that it separates two actors is bigger or lesser and some actors can occupy position more central offices that others. This phenomenon is explained by some theoreticians pointing the existence of strong and weak bows and of the structural holes where if they find the actors who cannot communicate between itself not to be for intermediary of one third. In the study of the structure of the social nets it is necessary to include the blood relations of its members, sociomtricas nets, capital stock, support nets, of mobilization, interconnections between companies and nets of public politics What they are Social Redes? Internet is if becoming a life way. Thousands of users of the Internet are social members of one or more nets.

According to site Wikipdia, is relations between the individuals in the communication for computer. What also it can be called social interaction, whose objective is to search, to connect people and to provide the communication and, therefore, to use social bows. But and which are the social nets in the Internet? Simple reply: social nets in the Internet are the pages of web that they facilitate the interaction enters the members in diverse places. They exist to provide different and interesting ways of interaction. Currently, some sites of the social net exist that operate world-wide. You to understand better, see the picture below of the Social Nets in sequence alphabetical: Name Language (s) of the Net Description/Counting Focus of Members Register Adoos VriasClassificados personal, several pases1,000,000Aberto JaponsPortal Amoeba of relationship directed toward the public jovem.