Mars Word

This word-key returns documents that possess a specific word in the heading of the document. For, for example, finding documents I contend the Mars word in the text, we will use the syntax intitle: Mars. We will be able to also specify in the search when we do not want that definitive site does not appear in the results, being enough to use the Mars syntax – site: allintitle: when we type the prefix intitle: , we guarantee the recovery of only one word in the headings of the pages. In the case of allintitle: , it guarantees that all the typed words will be in the heading of the Web page.

If to want that a Web page possesss the heading of operational systems, we use the syntax allintitle: ‘ ‘ systems operacionais’ ‘. Obs: The use of the prefix allintitle: it functions in the same way that if we typed intitle: in the front of each intended word. Searching in Texts the prefix intext: it helps to only look for texts in the body of the page, that is, it eliminates URLs, it ignores headings and links. Although its limited use, is very important to find word-key that could very be common in URLs or link of headings. Example: intext: HTML intext: ‘ ‘’ ‘ Obs: we can, in the same way, use its variation: allintext:. Research in URLs We can restrict our research the URLs of the pages. Using the prefix inurl: , we can find sites that inside possess a specific word of the URL. To find, for example, sites that contain the word ‘ ‘ Beatles’ ‘ in the URL, we can type inurl: beatles. Obs: we can also use the variation allinurl: , that also it finds words listed in URLs.