Mobile Messenger

Some examples of this Palm Treo Pro and all models of i-Mate Ultimate. If you have one of these phones, you need not continue reading this article, feel free to install mobile version of Skype on your phone and use it to health. But even some top-class smartphones do not work with Skype, due to the fact that Skype does not support their operating system. For example, Samsung Jet Speed is the fastest to date processor with 800 MHz, but it works for varieties Symbian os, which is not compatible with Skype. But most of us simply do not have such clever phones. What do we do? Now, if Skype works on the usual cheap models! Say, it is impossible? Fortunately possible! More precisely, Skype itself on such phones do not work, but there are programs that run on virtually any phone that connects to the system and Skype allow you to make Skype calls without establishing Skype on the phone itself. There are various programs of this kind, eg, fring, Talkonaut, im + Mobile Messenger.

The most popular is the fring, because it provides good sound quality and requires no additional fees. Install fring on phone simply. This can be done via an sms message with a reference installation, or connecting the phone to your computer. All the information about how to install fring on the phone, how to use it and how to use it to make calls via Skype, can be found at site about mobile Skype calls.