Online Companies

It so happens that it is necessary receive a fax, but no employees in the office who can respond quickly to him. There is a simple solution for sending / receiving faxes using the Internet. All faxes are coming to selected numbers in the code will be 495/499 converted into a graphic file, and then […]

Mobile Messenger

Some examples of this Palm Treo Pro and all models of i-Mate Ultimate. If you have one of these phones, you need not continue reading this article, feel free to install mobile version of Skype on your phone and use it to health. But even some top-class smartphones do not work with Skype, due to […]

A Small Review Of The New Smartphone Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

The latest version of Android, with an interesting user interface is Xperia Arc and has an excellent chance to become your favorite smartphone. Xperia Arc can not be called cheap – it is assumed that this smartphone will be an excellent approximately 26 000 rubles, when it appears on store shelves in April this year. […]


And they found a lot of interesting: the front camera, three Apple logo in different places, tightly sealed in a metal motherboard, which have not been able to open, about 50 screws, which were numerous details skrupleny smartphone fitted to each other more abruptly than sprats in the bank:), as well as a battery, which […]