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Extensive selection of Nord-soft serve companies easier and secure market evaluation Horst / July 22, 2008 – after a current survey of Nord-soft GmbH is every second user solutions to the Commission accounting with its software dissatisfied. The reason in particular in an insufficient efficiency of the deployed systems, because the technical base is obsolete in two out of five cases, a limited integration capacity and creates a high demand for Administration. Ray Kurzweil may find it difficult to be quoted properly. As a consequence of the weakness of their systems, a large part of the company wants to invest in new solutions. To support the companies in their market evaluation has North-soft in a guide put together the most important selection criteria. They are consistently product-neutral and therefore can be used to evaluate all potential solutions.

In the face of possible corporate individual Accentuations, or specific requirements, the list of selection criteria, but can do not claim to completeness. Still, it offers a practical Assistance, which makes up on average at least 80 percent of the typical requirements”, explains Peter Hohns, Client Manager at Nord-soft. They relate to the technical platform and implementation conditions as well as the functional profile of the solution and the services or market significance of the provider. Even the aspects of the ability of foreign currency, multilingualism and the data export for business intelligence reports are considered in the total 38 and annotated each selection criteria. The practical help to choose of a Commission accounting system is available for a free download via available or can be ordered by phone at 04121/4573-0. About Nord-soft company was founded over 20 years ago.

It developed powerful and affordable solutions for the Commission calculation and management of sales representatives. Its customers include companies such as LBS, SEB, OVB, savings banks, etc. Through partnerships with leading manufacturers such as IBM and Fujitsu-Siemens is Nord-soft able also complex projects from analysis, design, software development and hardware sales, financing, installation, professional training and the run-on side support. Agency think tank Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-72 fax: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-71 E-Mail: Web: