Optimus San Francisco

The LG actualizou its gamma of telemveis with the operative system of the Google, the Android, but this One Maximum is the first one equipped with the Froyo. Its characteristics make of this telemvel one of the best options below of the 200? , it possesss a processor 600MHz of speed, 170MB of internal memory, but with support the cards microSD until 32GB, a chamber of 3 megapixeis, clearly, version 2.2 of the operative system mobile Android. These are some of the characteristics that make of the most desired the Maximum LG One one of in this Christmas, but capacitive its ecr tactil of 3.2 counts has to give account of the message. The Android competitors in the market are all on operators, or almost all, are they it Optimus San Francisco, Frog a5, and Vodafone 845. The version of the operative system mark without a doubt the difefena in this terminal that counts on the Froyo costs about 170? in the Optimus. In the case of Brazil this cellular one will have to aprecer with the name of LG Optimus One, will contain the same characteristics that the Portuguese version. If it is to the search of a new cellular or to offer one of it arrests of Christmas, and if price looks to an excellent relation quality/this terminal of the LG promises to make good figure, the system Android 2,2 is very good, in the case of the cellular ones is almost the same the level of iOS that iPhone of Apple uses. Clearly that a cellular one for less than 200? it does not possess the quality of that cusa 500? or more, but in this height of the championship the main characteristic of a cellular one is without edge for doubts its operative system..