PhXenon Lamps

Light in the fog lamps are very good. Service life, too pleases. If you have a quality factory unit, you can relax – will be fine. The result – second place our pedestal. app Digital Ultra Slim is one of the best Japanese companies, which specialize in the production additional automotive lighting, and other light accessories for cars of different brands.

In the development of xenon app Digital Ultra Slim uses the most advanced, which undoubtedly makes it a leader in the xenon group high quality and professional ready kits xenon light. All sets are sold under the brand app developed the best technical laboratories in Japan. It is an indisputable proof of its quality, and as a consequence, the key to longevity data sets. Xenon kits, manufactured by app, are high, as confirmed by certificate. Long-term work sets you virtually guaranteed.

Xenon app Digital Ultra Slim, despite its Japanese-Korean origin, is ready for use in the Russian climate, as it has a wide range of operating temperatures ranging from -40 C to + 125C. As has good waterproofing, which contributes to a more secure installation and use of xenon in your car. Kits app Digital Ultra Slim comes with lamps PhXenon manufactured under license by philips. Xenon APPDigital Ultra Slim-good xenon, the smallest blocks from the Japanese manufacturer, but a little expensive, yet equipped with the same lamps that are cheaper kits SHO-ME. As a result, only a third of our pedestal. Xenon lamp xenotex a clean, bright, pleasing to the eye light xenon lamps.