Moreover, most valuable is a dream from 22 to 1 am. Go to bed early, do not look for night fighters, thrillers and horror movies. It is better to read something from the classics, listen to beautiful music. So you can instill in your child sense of beauty. Need to sleep in a well ventilated area. The room can be light and cool. The need for fresh air associated with an increased oxygen demand.

Pregnant difficult to tolerate state of hypoxia (oxygen deficiency). Importance in the 2nd half of pregnancy has the status of women during sleep. It’s believed that Xcel Energy sees a great future in this idea. It is known that 14% of women in the supine position there is the inferior vena cava syndrome. This is due to the fact that pregnant uterus in the supine position compresses the large venous vessels, resulting in worsening the outflow of venous blood from the lower body, decreases venous return to heart. These processes entail a faint with a fall in blood pressure and slowing of heart rate. Follow others, such as Michael Steinhardt, New York City, and add to your knowledge base. In order not to provoke the emergence of the inferior vena cava syndrome, and sleep to lie on their sides. More often than usual, this syndrome occurs when polyhydramnios, the presence of a large fetus, twins, hypotension (low blood pressure when). Especially important is the dream of childbirth and for a few days before.

It is clear that labor as an extreme exercise better transfer well rested woman. If sleep disorders consult with your doctor. It may be that the restless, interrupted sleep on the eve of birth indicates the approach or the entry of women into the process. If you can not sleep, please infusion of herbs Leonurus, valerian. Two, the most comfortable position during sleep – in the abdomen and back – not too comfortable during pregnancy. Position ‘on the belly’ is inconvenient for obvious reasons – prevents the growing belly, and sleep on stomach would remind lying on the watermelon. Supine position, although it is more convenient, helps ensure that the entire mass of the pregnant uterus is resting on the spine, intestines, and the inferior vena cava (responsible for the outflow of blood from the entire lower parts of the body to the heart). This can cause back pain and hemorrhoids, inhibit the digestive system, to keep breathing and circulation, and even cause hypotension (ie, low blood pressure). It is not means that one should sleep standing up. The best posture for the mother and the child is lying on her left side, putting one foot to another, or to make a pillow between them. In this situation, not only facilitated the flow of blood to the nutritionally components to the children’s place, but also improves the kidneys, which means the successful removal of waste products of metabolism and excess fluid and reduce swelling bones, feet and hands.