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“BSA qualifiers from March in Saarbrucken and Berlin Booking already possible from 2014 preparation course of the BSA Academy on testing as a specialist for bathroom all bad businesses, businesses that would like to their long-time employee specialist for bad firms” would qualify for a three-year vocational training and long absences associated in the operation but not come into question are an alternative way of qualifying. Because if certain prerequisites are met the test as a specialist for bad companies can”be completed without prior training. For this target group, the BSA Academy has designed a new preparation course, which optimally prepares the staff examination. From 2014, the BSA Academy, accredited educational institution of the Federal Association of German swimming champion e.V. offers with over 140,000 participants since 1983, and one of the largest training providers in the industry of the future prevention, fitness and “Health, the new course specialist for bad firms” on. Who should the BSA course use? “” “Of course specialist for bad companies” are not aimed at people who training as a specialist for bad companies “have completed, but the experience the admission requirement for the audit as a specialist for bad companies” meet. This can be especially lifeguards, lifeguard, sauna master and other personnel from bad companies.

Of the BSA course specialist bathing establishments are fit for the Organization and supervision of bath operation within the framework of”acquire competences comprehensive participants for the supervision and control of bath operation, the support of bathers and the implementation of swimming lessons. Moreover, they are able, technical installations, as well as the water quality to monitor and facilities and building of the respective bad and their open spaces and green areas are maintain and wait. Also possible master exam preparation! Following the paralegal exam the exam for the master bath companies can then, if all necessary admission requirements are met,”are completed.