Registering Work

To register a work is not plus a great problem as it has few years. Disponibilizar this work to the public also is relatively simple in times of Youtube, conventional Facebook, Blogs, sites – in the molds of the age ‘ ‘ point com’ ‘ – or some another available form in the Internet. Already it is not more necessary to vender the soul to a recorder and to enter in the game (dirty) of purchase and sales of space (and people) in the conventional vehicles of communication that had reigned during century XX. It is clearly that these vehicles still have (and always they will have) enormous influence and are determinative to accumulate of stocks a well bigger number of followers. Also clearly that the recorders still exist, even so it is very weakened, and continue making this same game with sufficient success, for incredible that it seems.

But what it is legal to point out it is that this monopoly finished. They already are not more the only door of entrance, the only one half of contact. the trend is that its power diminishes year year after, as already comes happening. But this subject is vastssimo and runs away from the target of what we are approaching here. I go to exclusively dedicate some texts on this in a next future. Then: which are the options that this ‘ ‘ Brave New World’ ‘ it offers in them? Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar After all, which is optimum program of audio? It wants a short and thick reply? It is prepared therefore I am certain that it will be one how much in such a way disappointing one. Optimum program of audio does not exist. Disappointed? It is not! This is excellent because it implies in choice options.

It has absolute certainty of a thing: its music will not be better will be recorded in the Avid Pro Tools nor worse will be recorded in a Cakewalk Sonar. Apple Logic will be able to make very little for a bad music as well as the Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo will not be capable, by itself, to ruin a part of good quality. We come back at the outset: most important of everything it is the substratum, the musical creation. Happily, in the current period of training of the industry of softwares for music production, the majority of the desenvolvedores offers to its customers easy programs to be operated, with audio total integration of and MIDI, all the basic tools for a good captation, edition and finishing, beyond if to keep open for the use of softwares of expansion, the celebrities plug-ins, that they considerably increase the efficiency of the programs. However, it has a myth in the air of that Pro the Tools is the best DAW between all the DAWs available. This is not truth. I repeat: THIS IS NOT TRUTH! But it is truth that the system of the Avid acquired throughout the time this status. why it acquired this status? It is what we will see in the next text.