Sometimes one has to steal a part of the planned budget. Two basic ways to do it – to hire for the job of random people for a nominal fee and use cheap, low quality materials instead of those provided for the project. Evidence of such manipulations can be found at every turn. So, according to one of the tenants of the house number 10 on the street, Kostroma: ” major repairs in my apartment is carried out with large disturbances. Wizard, which produces such repairs, is in a state of intoxication.

” Other tenants are complaining that ” replacing heating pipes in violation of building norms,” and “repeated requests to fix the mounting crew ignored. Can suggest that the services of these “masters” have cost the contractor “is very inexpensive. Indication as to install the batteries obsolete “Universal tb instead of the projected radiators” SanTechProm-Auto indicates that the organization is actively using the second method of “improving profitability” works. Unfortunately, the tenants are not always in the eye to determine the quality of work performed and make a claim. and if that is a plastic window with double glazing and the difference between the old elevator slams the door on a modern lift brand otis, today even know the child, something about the device automatically radiator thermostats are aware not all. Few people realize that installed the pipe in front of the battery grip can automatically adjust its heating without the need to pay constant attention – you just have to ask for the scale of the desired value of air temperature in the room.