Schor Object

An object can be more attractive will have one ' ' adequate combination of simple elements and complexos' ' , being able to transmit one meaning symbolic, that can bind the consumer emotionally to the product, being taken it to search it excused emotions and feelings the similar objects (they ibidem, 35 and 36). The same author (P. 45) tells that design/style of a product can be determined by ' ' social, cultural factors and comerciais' ' , and that factors as the fashion must be analyzed with care to prevent that a product is run aground in the shelves. Baxter (1998, P. 42) describes ' ' attraction bissociativa' ' , that is, a product can be attractive of two different forms, as for example, for its function and relaxed its design. This attraction can be associated with the transformation of a common product in described toy for Schor (2009, P. 59) as ' ' brinquedorizao' ' , also known in the half American advertising executive as ' ' trans-toying' '.

The important trend of the brinquedorizao, clear nowadays, it is an used strategy to reach the infantile public transforming habitual objects of consumption into toys. One tooth brush or a bath sponge, for example, not only can be chosen by its function, but also by its design, that it sends to the personages or objects as cars, rockets or balls. The transformation of the described product for Gomes Son (2006) receives the name from reverse speed-design of the object, understood as the process of perfectioning, reformularization or reform of any object without modifying its essential characteristics. For Brdek (2006), this transformation can be on to a phenomenon, to the fashion and its trends, being possible still to recognize in design of an object different life forms. A product is not only it, but also what it represents, the aggregate value it.