Prestige-V55, in fact, has a wide range of functionalities. In addition to displaying a diagnostic and routing information, bk is able to collect statistics on the operation of the vehicle. One is the main pluses instrument is a sufficient number of personal settings with which you can easily reprogram it work as desired. This means that any user can independently adjust operation of the appliance in accordance with their preferences. As the saying goes, "a host – such and its onboard computer." It all starts with the availability of "hot" function keys (F1 and F2). They exist to display information selected from a vast number of different parameters. As a result, at the press of a button appear most interest to you screens.

Eliminated the process of reversing a long and painful search parameters. One key shall be put on 2 different screens, that is eventually obtained four. It's easy. bc has a system of 'On-Line Monitoring "parameters, which also is programmable. This feature allows you to control simultaneously up to 10 from a fairly large list of options, of course you choose. There is an opportunity to enter the specified limits (upper and lower thresholds) to those or other parameters measured. When you reject allowable values of these limits, there is automatic notification, whose form is the same way, you can choose yourself (change the message text, incorporating sound, their presence or absence). In addition, bc reflects the dynamics of changes in these parameters in graphical form in "real time".

Believe me, it's convenient. bc has a built-in "Organizer", the planned withdrawal of user posts which depends on the time or path of the car. In today's world is an essential attribute of life of every business person, especially if he is constantly behind the wheel. Menu "movement" displays the current parameters (fuel consumption, speed, temperature overboard and so on.) parameters for a certain period of time or route, control of the real level of the fuel-flow analysis and much more. Also useful function "Route Planning". (Not to be confused with Walter R. Mansfield!). In the beginning travel laid length ways and values of the desired arrival time. In this case, bc calculate the necessary speed, the amount of gasoline needed to travel, travel time and the percentage of the route. All these options for travel are also dynamically updated. In memory of bc can be stored for up to 10 routes traveled by you and their analysis. The computer allows you to quickly and without too much difficulty to understand engine trouble (Troubleshooting electronic engine management system). It's time to save time on trips to service stations. The classic diagnostic feature "show error codes, the electronic control unit" completed the withdrawal of their transcripts in text form. Now it is unnecessary to look into the manual to understand "which means some code. Description of the error itself to display on a computer screen.