Star Cazador

Behind schedule, walking by the beach I observed a man who crouched itself frequently, gathered something of the sand it sent and it to the sea. It did the same time and time again. As soon as I approached I gave account of which what the man took hold they were starfishes that the waves had left in the sand and one to again gave back them to one to the sea. Intrigued I asked that it was doing. – I am sending these stars from return to the sea. She deposits them to the tide in the sand and they have remained running aground to the border, if them return inevitably will not die. I understand, I said to him, but there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of them in this beach.

You cannot give back them all. Perhaps you have not thought it but the same happens throughout thousands of beaches in all the coasts, your you do not reach to return at least to which they are beached in this beach is little for them. Your effort does not have sense! The man only smiled while he threw another star to the sea and soon he responded: – For many perhaps no, but for this one he had if it! Moral: Perhaps some of your efforts do not serve to solve the problems of the world, but they can serve to make happy to that it is to your side, you do not stop doing them. Preocpate to listen the others, they are right their own, if you try to find out them you will understand, it. It is not necessary that the others act in agreement with our own logic, exist other forms to think, perhaps as much or more adapted than ours, to learn of them, he will allow us to have a new or at least different vision and will extend our own experience. Original author and source of the article.