Star Cazador

Behind schedule, walking by the beach I observed a man who crouched itself frequently, gathered something of the sand it sent and it to the sea. It did the same time and time again. As soon as I approached I gave account of which what the man took hold they were starfishes that the waves […]

Constituent Treaty

According to the constituent treaty, signed in 1973, Brazil and Paraguay they have right each to the 50 percent of the generated electricity and the used energy does not have to be sold to the other partner to a fixed price. The 90 percent of the Paraguayan demand is satisfied with the 5 percent of […]

Calle Programming

THE METHOD OF THE STREET EDUCATOR. Professional East PROGRAMMING affects concrete realities within contexts and special scopes, being worth of methodologic tactics fit to each case in particular. Those realities can be: – Problems of drug addictions in young people. – Social Exclusion for reasons of race, economy, culture – scholastic Absenteeism, difficulty in the […]