Synology Launches The Diskstation DS214 + And DS214se

A robust, private cloud for SMEs and a particularly budget-friendly NAS for home users-Dusseldorf, Germany – November 05, 2013 Synology Inc. released today the Diskstation DS214 + and DS214se – two 2-Bay NAS server operated by the award-winning Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM). The DS214 + offers high performance and a full range of business applications to help small and medium-sized enterprises to centralize their data efficiently and to share. The DS214se is a low-cost NAS server that allows beginners to discover the infinite possibilities of the Synology NAS for little money. “With the Diskstation DS214 + and DS214se, Synology presents enormous opportunities for both commercial and private users”, said Darren Lin, product manager of Synology.

Powered by a 1.33 GHz dual-core CPU, surpasses the DS214 + 208 MB / sec read and 153 MB / sec writing speed enabled link his predecessor to 89% aggregation and increases as the entire Business productivity. With 1 GB of RAM, and thus double memory compared to its predecessor, and the built-in floating point unit the DS214 + a significant boost of multi-tasking performance has. To simplify the installation of hard drives and to ensure the reliability of the system comes the DS214 + with boltless and hot-swappable hard drive bays and two Gigabit Ethernet ports including failover support. In addition, it is equipped with two USB 3.0 ports for higher data transfer rates and an eSATA port for extensive external backups. The DS214se Special Edition on the Synology NAS servers, is the lowest-priced DiskStation by Synology and thus for everyone as well as affordable. Nevertheless, the model is anything but slow. It reaches 102 MB / sec read speed and provides a variety of multimedia applications.

In addition, it offers a Web Wizard and Setup Wizard for intuitive and easy setup and management. Designed for optimum energy efficiency consumes only 3.59 Watts in the system hibernation, and not more than 19,14 Watts in full mode. The DS214 + and the DS214se operated by the intuitive, Web-based operating system, DiskStation Manager (DSM) 4.3, with the extensive applications to increase productivity get host. “” Synology choice award 2013 was awarded with the PCMag business and received the highest rating in all survey categories, including reliability, total satisfaction, quality”and recommendation probability”. The predecessor of the DS214 +, DS213 +, also leads the CHIP leaderboard in the category network hard disks for some time. More product information here: products/product.php?product_name=DS214%2B&lang=deu products/product.php? product_name = DS214se & lang = eng Synology at a glance Synology is dedicated to providing professional IP-based video surveillance solutions, which the functionality Advanced NVR (network video recorder)- and combines NAS (network attached storage) devices. The Synology aims to offer scalable, future-proof and user friendly NVR solutions as well as a solid customer service to meet the needs of both companies and private users and partners.