System Computer

This change of the press for the computer does not mean the end of the letramento, but, necessarily, the alteration in the proper configuration of the letramento. Frade (2005) considers the definition of the terms letramento, digital letramento, alfabetizao and alfabetizao audio-appearance, to problematizar the situation of digital illiteracy, discoursing on some involved capacities in the appropriation of the system that can fight such situation. The computer is seen as device that makes possible new spaces of writing that they bring unfoldings for the reading interaction and writer. The book and the media printed are and still they will continue being important, same having that to renew themselves and if to adapt to face the challenges taxes for the new technologies of the information, in the search of a new balance in the cultural system contemporary. For (BRAVE, 1999), what it contributes for the difference enters these two ways to construct the knowledge is the presence of the computer, the fact of the apprentice to be constructing something through the computer (computer as tool).

The use of the computer requires certain actions that are sufficiently effective in the process of construction of the knowledge. When the apprentice is interacting with the computer it is manipulating concepts and this contributes for its mental development. KEYS, (1985) say that the more rich it will be the way lived for the child (stimulations and resources), greater will be its development, fitting to the school, mainly of the popular classrooms, to supply these resources, as being the only chance of the child to have contact with this technology in a systematic way. The present work, about the agreement of the computer as tool auxiliary to the process of acquisition of the abilities of reading and writing, is about theoretical and practical exposition regarding a pedagogical intervention, in the field of the promotion of the reading, in a regular classroom of the room year of the basic education of a public and municipal school of the ortaleza periphery.