Enterprise Management

Elaine there in the city hall, that you decide. If you will not be able, so that I go to speak to you? – You leaving she is me confused! (more still) – Then, please, pass he can me with the Elaine DOCTOR? – Which the subject, gentleman? thus would cry out continues it subtle […]

Make Costs Market

This article presents a proposal for expenditure of products in a plant, after practical comments of many mistakes, diversity of concepts and little effectiveness in the methodology adopted in many industries (probably in the great majority). In such a way, in first place, she is necessary to disrespect the criteria of who works with expenditure […]


Agroecologia is considered as emergent science, guided for a new epistemolgica and metodolgica base, is a field of the knowledge to transdisciplinar, that it receives the influences from social sciences, agrarian and natural. It has base in the synergic relation enters the evolution of the scientific knowledge and popular knowing and its necessity integration. In […]

The Organization

In the Table 1 – escolaridade, evidences that the workers of the bank agencies of Gravata possess, in its majority a raised degree of escolaridade, where it has predominance of graduated individuals and postgraduates, being that graduandos they are, also, frequent. This constatao indicates that the sector searchs to keep in its pictures qualified people, […]

The Society

The critical pupil is basic to interact in the modern society, being conscientious and capable to act in the reality where he lives. This article has as objective generality to promote the interchange of the reading enters the popular one to the scholar, as well as to show to the students the importance of the […]