Intelligent Buildings

Union technology, construction integration and energy supply systems known as buildings Inteligentes.Representa arise in an undeniable manner sustainable architecture. Systems such as those of the user, the management of facilities, automation telecommunications or safety are included in building automation systems. The operation of an intelligent building integrated systems and technological subsystems horizontally and vertically. This home automation integration allows that information on the operation of the building can be used by all systems regardless of system that generates information (horizontal integration), and that the decision-making system contemplates the detail or the aggregation of information of each subsystem (vertical integration). Intelligent buildings benefit different sectors. Since the value of the property increases both the owners and the real estate they win. Systems of control and management of these buildings are more efficient that has repercussions for the benefit of the given maintenance administrators who can manage it globally. Saving is clear when it comes to a project by architects, contractors and engineers, since it allows the combination of design and construction. Basalte Spain company specializing in home automation and intelligent and sustainable buildings. You can find all the information in the article: why live in a smart home?