Software Testing

" "I love the noisy and cheerful company." 10. choices. Walter Bettinger is the source for more interesting facts. , Ottawa offers on the topic.. Summary created for another post, position or out of date. Demonstiruet laziness and lack of respect for the candidate to the destination. Further comments "do not have time to finalize," "I have many specialties, and a resume – one" only confirm the original conclusion and repel from you recruiters. In rare cases, when you indispensable specialist, or you recruiters have to spend time on rework a resume. Get all the facts and insights with Salman Behbehani, another great source of information. Adapt the resume to the requirements of the employer. The summary should be taken into account especially the future of employment and positions. For example, if you are applying for a specialist Software Testing, do not focus on what you – the programmer a high class, even if you have them and are.

After all, your qualifications may be considered too high for the job and refuse, knowing that You can not quality work, leading to disqualification. If you insist upon this work, you must convert resume so that your main occupation seemed testing, and other activities (Programming, implementation, maintenance) – a subsidiary. Similarly, should do if you are applying for a change in the nature of the work – should show you all my life as if only those involved and that working on your new specialization. There can be no single summary for all occasions, which could be sent to all jobs without any changes. Every time one should first find out what qualities and skills will be valued at new job, and according to them to modify the resume.


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Site Development And Support

Site development and support – one of the most important concepts in the process of the site. Many believe that after creating the site will be able to do it to maintain and develop. In fact, it is not. Those who think so, your doom site to fail, and if not failure, then to a miserable existence and oblivion in the hundreds of thousands of similar pages. Support site is divided into two main parts: information and technical. For technical support is a process maintain the status of all elements and features site.

The concept of information support is more abstract, as information support is a sufficient supply of information on the site. Sufficiency is determined by user rating. The more detailed account information on a particular type of goods or services, the more adequate is the information. Despite this, it is information support is a key indicator for the site. This is due to the fact that it is the information on the site allows it to remain relevant and to create a positive company image. Cost of site support may be different Depending on the range of works.

For example, site updates, incident investigation, "touch up", "erasure", project development, bug fixes will cost customers about $ 150. Accordingly, when growing volume of work performed, and the cost increases. To support the site also includes development of additional pages, update existing pages, text editing for the site, the presentation of texts in foreign languages and much more. For example, to develop an additional page for the site can not make everyone as well as to find a bug in the code page. Therefore, for the development of the site and maintain its relevance to support the transfer process in the hands of professionals

Antal Russia

The greatest risk of incurring losses in income are employees of companies involved in sales, according to a leading analyst of the research center portal Valeria Chernetsov. 'This category of workers could lose up to 70% of their usual income' – she said. However, experts warned on the employment market: talk about the deep human resource crisis is premature. 1998 clearly demonstrated that a sharp slowdown is inevitable growth. Those professionals who were now 'in the street', if it is impossible to retrain recruiters are advised to just wait. The crisis will not last forever, and sooner or later demand in the labor market will stabilize again. However, when this happens, headhunters predict not taken.

In the subject. Managers can no longer dictate the rules for employers to global financial crisis will salutary effect on the Russian labor market, according to executives recruitment company Antal Russia. Already there is a tendency of transition from a 'candidate' market to market employers. 'Mad wage growth that we observed in the last 2-3 years, is slowing, – says Natalya Kurkchi, partner and head of banking and finance department Antal Russia. – For example, an employee of a management company with a monthly salary of 8000 dollars during the transition to another job before he could double his salary! Now, it is unlikely to succeed. " In recent years, representatives of the 'Generation Y' (managers, who were born after 1980 who have not worked in an economic downturn and guided by the principle 'Work to live, not live to work') felt very comfortable. If they had to leave work for any reason, they immediately found a new place, while receiving a significant increase in salary. Now, due to cuts and temporary suspension of recruitment in some companies, the situation changed.

Now the candidates have to raise the professional level to withstand tougher competition, and lower salary expectations. 'After the 1998 crisis managers working at maximum capacity – says Tremayne Elson, managing director of recruitment company Antal Russia, – otherwise they would be immediately replaced highly skilled professionals, who at the time were unemployed. And now more people will appreciate his employer. " Many western companies are actively growing (especially in banking and finance sector) forced to change strategy and cutting staff, while they allow other firms to attract good people who have fallen under the cut. 'Reductions in Western companies tend to occur not because of problems within country, and because of lower costs, made by head offices – says Tremayne Elson. – Russian companies have a good chance to claim the share of the market, as happened in 1999. " "Right now approach us a large number of experienced managers who have lost their jobs in foreign companies, we arrange them in Russian organizations, which continue to consider candidates, guided by the fact that the crisis will not last forever, and good employees – the key to success in the future – confirms Natalia Kurkchi. – But people are sometimes willing to move entire teams. In the market there are more candidates, but they are still insufficient to close the existing jobs. And in the near future this will continue. " Tremayne Elson concludes: 'The Russian professionals have to get used to the new reality, where they will be increasingly difficult to dictate their own rules, and the labor market, that was 'overheated' in recent years, become more balanced. I think this is good! ".