How To Choose Foreign Cars

When buying foreign cars – second-hand the main criteria should be its legal and customs "purity." The first thing you should pay attention – and the number of documents in the aggregates. Completely Clearing cars imported to the us after 1994 must have a passport of technical tools (TCP) and a certificate of permanent residence. Cars taken off the register – the mark of this in the TCP. Foreign cars imported before 1994, may have old-style registration certificate. It happens that cars are resold by proxy, so when you purchase does not hurt to check its authenticity. If the documents are, at first glance, no doubt, verify the number of units specified in them, with the numbers on the machine. Making sure they comply, we can move to a more thorough inspection of the car.

First check year. The fact that a quarter of Russia's running on used cars are assigned to a year, and passports approximately 30% in the "Year" means: "n / a" (not set). And, it turns out often with malicious intent owners, and because of insufficient technical equipment of the district traffic police. Real year vehicles can be determined by identification number (VIN). If it is a 17-digit, the date it appears on the tenth digit. This should be a Latin letter, and each corresponds to a particular year. For example, the letter "A" means the 1981 release, "B" – 1982-D, "C" – 1983-th, and so on, alphabetically. In the VIN number should not be the Latin I and "O".