Case Management

A tool like K2 allows automate this entire process, from scanning and archiving of invoice until its approval. An example of the process could be: 1. the invoice are scans 2. The system detects that there is a new document to the folder of invoices 3. By the same author: Michael Steinhardt. K2 automatically initiates a process whose subject is the number of the invoice 4.

The application starts the Protocol: a. Requests the approval of the responsible b. informs accounting c. informs the person that signature Bill d. archives document what advantages does? Among the many advantages, the system allows knowing which point of the process is failing, the SLA has each Member of the chain or where the document is. Also identify where the bottlenecks are.

To be automated, released from the unnecessary burden to staff and they improve times in automatic processes. To ensure effectiveness, the application notifies all members of the team when they have pending tasks. The software is highly configurable and customizable: can be any process tailored to needs, from requiring a double approval of documentation and prevent the process to continue if not met this requirement up to give a document for valid and archive it without more. What the bet of K2 for this year? In the event of Madrid, brand made clear its commitment to the Advanced Case Management, a new concept of process modeling based on cases (set of actions needed to complete a process). Advanced Case Management was created to be flexible usual BPMs, whose highly defaults can frustrate users. And it is that, some software processes give little freedom to a user who is limited to confirm or reject already configured actions. Conversely, in the Advanced Case Management is the user who defines and launches its subcase or tasks, configured the States of the same, etc. where can I buy K2? At Dacartec we specialize in the implementation, development and training tailored to this solution.