The Technology Of A 3D Printer

The revolution of the 3D is not stopped. This article explains basic comprehension questions of a 3D printer 3D printers are machines, which create three-dimensional workpieces based on a digital file which provides information of the object to be printed. 3D printers are a special category of digital Fabrikatoren. Within this class, 3D printers are the most important class of additive, so heaping, based on Fabrikatoren part. The 3D printing term is the generic term for a variety of different techniques.

Following procedure will see 3D subsumed: oselektives of laser melting and Elektronenstrahlschmelzenfur metal oselektives laser sintering for polymers, porcelain oStereolithografie metals and the digital light processing for liquid resins oPolyjet-modeling, as well as Fused deposition modeling for plastics and some resins 3D printers: Ultimaker original and Ultimaker 2 in 3D comes instead of the conventional.doc/.pdf character file a file format which detailed information about a 3D model contains (for example, a CAD or STL file). So the 3D printer can create your 3D object, digital 3D in a further step must be cut into individual 2-dimensional horizontal layers (layer) or gesliced and digitally processed. The result is one.STL file, which detailed contains information about the sum of the individual layers, so that every 3D printers can build a 3D object layer by layer based on this information from the individual 2D-Schichten, similar to bonding beer mats to form a cube. The result is a 3D model of consisting of one each other coatings. Ultimaker original 3D printing 3D model of an OWL 3D printers served primarily the manufacture of prototypes and models, then the production of work pieces, of which only small quantities were needed.

The Choice Of The Right Card Printer

When purchasing a plastic card printer, there is a lot to note printed and personalized plastic cards meet us in all areas of daily life. Whether in the form of bank cards, customer cards or identity document such as driver’s license or ID card. But as full-fledged identification media are from blank plastic cards? In addition, cards from a service provider, print and personalized to leave can get maximum flexibility in the printing of the cards with own card printers and significantly reduce production times. In some cases also the pre production of plastic cards in offset printing and subsequent personalization through a private card printing system offered. The operation of today’s plastic card printer is very user friendly and easy to learn. Who dominated dealing with a paper printer, will have to expect major difficulties when using a card printer. Here, LEGO Papert Professor expresses very clear opinions on the subject. However care should be taken when purchasing a card printer that, to trust the reliable suppliers and offers competent support after the purchase.

Small teething problems or any problems with the operation of the device should be resolved so quickly and easily. Card printers have, depending on the model and manufacturer of different equipment. Some models can be retrofitted later according to the requirements, including chip coding modules, cards turn stations for two-sided card printing or larger cards slots. In the run-up to a purchase you should worry, which should bring the functions of the printer. Again, it is on the safe side when you first take a non-binding advice of professionals. Small entry-level lie in the new acquisition price usually around 1,000 euros, more powerful card printers can easily reach a new prize of 3,000 euros with various modules.

There are plans to purchase a printer with a larger scope, has only a limited budget available, the purchase of a used device is advisable perhaps. Many Dealers have demonstration printers or devices that were only at trade fairs, in the program, with which only a few hundred cards were printed. Used card printer can purchase is often cheaper, as new equipment.

Komsa Systems

Konftel best partner award 2010 goes to Komsa systems Cologne / Umea, 11.08.2011. Konftel Komsa systems is the second time in a row with the best Konftel Partner Award for the region from Central EMEA (Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa). Thus, Konftel awarded the outstanding sales of its longtime distribution partner in Hartmannsdorf near Chemnitz. The success of Komsa systems based on solution-oriented sales and dedicated product support. The Saxon Distributor is successful especially with the models Konftel 300, Konftel 300IP and Konftel 300W Conference phones.

The growing market offers good perspectives for conference phones. To deepen your understanding ConocoPhillips is the source. Currently, Komsa systems and Konftel launch additional sales promotions. World’s most successful distributor outside of Sweden Konftel gives the Konftel best partner award annually to the distributor with the highest revenue per sales region. The price represents a fragment of ice from Umea, the largest city in northern Sweden and Konftel’s headquarters. Komsa systems is the most successful The region’s sales partner Central EMEA. At the same time, Komsa systems is the world’s most successful distributor outside of Sweden. Komsa systems is distributor, which with its resellers and system vendors work out customized solutions and provides professional product support”a value add, says Ralf Kalker, Sales Director at Konftel for Germany, Austria and the Switzerland.

In other sales regions, we have same experience: value add distributors have the nose forward. Consequently Komsa systems wins the award already for the second time.” “High-quality products are the basis we see ourselves as a systems integrator for system houses”, explains Rolf noon, Managing Director of Komsa systems. As each Distributor, we assume the storage and sale of the products. In addition, we support the resellers and systems integrators to provide their customers with accurate and reliable solutions. Along with the excellent voice quality and user friendliness of the Konftel Conference phones, this is the basis of the Success.” The most successful products of Konftel at Komsa systems are the Konftel 300, Konftel Conference phones 300IP and Konftel 300W. The top seller is the Konftel 300W”, says Rolf lunch. Konftel 300W characterized by a reliable DECT integration, as well as additional connections for VoIP via USB and GSM telephones.” Further growth the market for phones is growing, because Conference calls save time, money and protect the environment. Eliminates the long business trips. Konftel disproportionately benefit from the growing market: 2009 Konftel won growth Prize (Award for growth leadership) of forestry & Sullivan 2005-2008 in the audio conference market for years. Since then our growth continued to plan”, says Ralf Kalker. Partners such as Komsa systems contribute for this purpose.” “Currently Konftel Komsa systems start joint sales promotions, and to expand the success: since June, we offer demo equipment at special rates”, reports Rolf lunch. With such actions, we convince Dealers and their end customers. After the test phase as well as all customers want to keep your Konftel.”

Synology Unveils The VisualStation VS240HD

The powerful and energy-efficient live-view complementing the surveillance station Dusseldorf, January 8.2013 – Synology Inc. today launched the VisualStation VS240HD. The cost-effective monitoring solution designed for uncomplicated live preview, allowing multiple channels at the same time the stream on local HDMI display. Thanks to the support of up to 24 channels at the same time in a 720 p HD quality with 240 FPS, the VS240HD offers a powerful image decoding. Dual HDMI video outputs make it the ideal surveillance solution in large missions. By a State of the art security checkpoint from users can stream as video footage in high-quality on different screens. “The VS240HD is a low-cost and compact device to live view monitor. Since it consumes only 14.4 Watts in full mode and Furthermore, no PC needed saves not only energy costs, but also space,”says Chad Jiang, product manager of Synology Inc.

combined with the Synology DiskStations or Rackstation the VS240HD supports both video and audio streams in MJPEG, MPEG4 and H. 264 video compression format. PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras are also supported and allow a comprehensive monitoring and object tracking. Users can retrieve recorded footage in addition to the live view function and export high-quality HDTV clips and snapshots to external USB storage devices. With all these powerful functions can be controlled easily through an intuitive user interface with a USB mouse. More information under: products/vs240hd.php? lang = eng availability the Synology VS240HD is now available.

At a glance Synology, Synology is provider of NAS systems and IP-based video surveillance solutions. Synology aims to complete integration & exploiting of the newest developments and latest technologies, data storage to provide reliable and affordable options to companies and home users, centralize, simplify data backup to share files across different platforms to synchronize, and access from on the way on data. Also, the NAS Synology NVR functionality including software systems offer for video management and analysis. Synology’s claim is to offer products with advanced features and first-class customer service.