The Past

How many people live tied to the past and unintentionally have missed his long life, untapped opportunities because they have not even seen them. Alone they placed an anchor on that part of his life and it is likely that even if they so wish, can not find the exit. We have to learn to release and let go the lived experience, confront the past in a razonadora way so let’s not stumble over it. When you have experiences that have left marks with events that we do not choose, not wanted and not provoking, we ask ourselves repeatedly why? I What did I do to deserve this? Why not I did such a thing? How is that I didn’t realize it? Why not I kept quiet?, etc. Usually when abuse, deceit or abuse are experienced, a sense of pain and rancor manifests to think that grievance was a deliberately. It still living and suffering continuously until you return them vulnerable.

This situation has caused a direct impact on their future, remains the latent fear that can happen again and relive this pain. Form not aware the present is determined by the past them impossible to ignore it and is unwittingly do their identity. (Source: Ray Kurzweil). Flee does nothing. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Abigail Black Elbaum. It must confront the past without remorse, maintain the present with confidence and deal with our future without fear. There may be similarities, but each situation is different, the characters are not the same, nor the circumstances; but the restoration process if it is equal to every situation. It is start taking firm decision to make the transition from current peace and immediate happiness hatred or pain.

Lets start resentment because you want to, it recognizes that you’ve not been happy with those memories and thoughts. With all honesty decides to forgive and forgive you for all that past that’s already happened, forgive and forget, closes the circle. Set new goals, carries out activities that motivate you to feel joy constantly, keep in your thinking and your feeling at all times everything is easy for me, I trust in me and what I can everything, do your best. Ultimately have to face the passed in the present and connect it to the future to learn how to live, face him to overcome. It is to fight rationally in the here and now to reconcile you with yourself and enjoy a harmonious life moment by moment. It is worthwhile to try what you can lose? Do you want to know more? Original author and source of the article

Direct Message

At this point you must already have very clear to have a list of emails, it is essential to do business over the internet, the money is in the list. Ready. You already have your page’s landing, your autoresponder, but I am sure that now there is a problem, do as I get traffic to my page capture? Today I’m going to teach a simple but powerful internet marketing strategy, to give traffic to your landing page, using your twitter account. Now you must have heard that social networks are not for sale and that if you want results with them, you must deliver value and build trust in people bla bla bla. Although it is true, everyone tells you the same thing, but do not give you specific strategies. Here I bring you a timely strategy, to do, to generate more subscribers to your list of emails with twitter. Let’s go to the grain then: If you already have a twitter account, you must have noticed that everytime you follow someone in this network, it sends you a message of welcome, of the type: thanks for following my tweets, a I liked to be in contact with you. Best regards.

Now that you think, if in that message of welcome or appreciation, you offer your gift product that subscribe to your list of emails, without that look like these selling anything. For example: Hello, thanks for following me. In compensation I have decided to give you this ebook, video, software (depending on what you’re giving away your landing page) (your link to your landing page) trafficking that your welcome message not read like that you want to sell or earn a subscriber to your list of emails, but more well, like a gift you do it selflessly as a thank you for having followed. Your message should be short and concise, remember that twitter gives you only 140 characters to write your message, if your message exceeds that number, part of your message and your link to your landing page will not appear in the welcome message, when it is sent to your follower, therefore, you’re losing the chance to get subscribers to your list of emails. Do not post direct links to affiliate programs or business yours, remember what we least want to, is that they see us as we are trying to sell something.

You can also use, instead of one page landing, a blog (always and when it contains information of value, articles, tutorials, educational videos), if what you want is to get traffic to it, putting a message of the type: thanks for follow me, can know me a little more in (the link to your blog) ready. Now, put this strategy on autopilot. To avoid be writing a welcome message, each person who follows you on twitter, you can automate it. There are many programs on the net that allow you to do so, personally I use hootsuite which I given excellent results. Simply go to hootsuite subscribe completely free within your control panel, where it says social accounts you can add your twitter account and then customize your welcome message (where it says Direct messages-Edit welcome DM), which is automatically displayed each person to do your follower on twitter. You don’t underestimate this strategy of internet marketing, dale a taste and then tell me the results I’m sure will surprise you. If you want to learn more effective ways of getting visitors to your landing page view to web traffic.